Your copy of the ESE White Paper on ‘Hormones in European Health Policies’ is waiting for you

After a two-year consultative process ESE is proud to present its White Paper on “Hormones in European Heath Policies – How Endocrinologists can contribute to a Healthier Europe”. Endorsed by 45 National Endocrine Societies and seven European and International Specialist Societies, our White Paper provides European endocrinology policy focus around the areas of obesity, rare endocrine diseases, endocrinology and cancer and the area of the endocrine disruptors. 

This authoritative document (40 pages backed up with 132 references) was published on 4 May 2021 during a webinar carrying the same title as the White Paper. Officials from key European institutions, including John F Ryan – Director for Public Health in the DG for Health and Food Safety, joined the webinar and supported the important place of endocrinology in the development of better European health policies. Members of European Parliament were also among those who joined the webinar. The webinar was successful in transmitting the ‘Voice of Endocrinology’ towards the Brussels’ based Policy bubble, with an attendance of 150 key people. 

You can download the White Paper and watch this summary video from the webinar, which features the politicians’ statements.

The ESE White paper was commented upon by Stella Kiryakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety at the European Commission. She pointed to and stressed the importance of endocrinology for EU Health Policies and invited a further collaboration between the Commission and ESE.  

Similarly, the ESE Council of Affiliated Societies (ECAS) symposium at e-ECE 2021 provided the scene to review the different policy priority areas of ESE and make them relevant to the clinical audience of the congress. In a well-attended session chaired by ESE President Andrea Giustina and ECAS Chair Anton Luger, the audience was introduced to the different elements of the White Paper. Martin Reincke, ESE President-Elect, also addressed the need for endocrinology to claim its fair share of the EU Research Funding schemes (Horizon Europe and EU4Health) for which the research calls will be coming up soon.