2021 PARAT Programme Activities

February 2021: 3rd Expert Workshop on Parathyroid Disorders

To kick-off the PARAT 2021 programme, ESE will be hosting its 3rd Expert Workshop on Parathyroid Disorders, via Zoom, on 23 February when over 50 representatives from 20 countries will take part.

The Steering Committee will be joined again by expert participants from the 1st and 2nd Expert workshops, plus new invited parathyroid experts, young endocrinologists, surgeons and pathologists.

In a series of small breakout groups, the participants will work with the Steering Committee, to critically appraise the initial scope of the 2021 programme that aims to deliver parathyroid disorder medical education to non-expert audiences.

Following the event, all participants will be invited to continue a role in the programme, either within one of four working groups, general programme support or as country ambassadors.

The 2021 PARAT Programme is led by the Steering Committee, the specific Working group roles can be found here.