The ESE PARAT Programme is led by a Steering Committee, Co-chaired by Professor Jens Bollerslev (Norway) and Professor Peter Kamenický (France). They are supported by numerous Calcium and Bone metabolism experts, alongside an external Programme Manager and the ESE office.

All members of the PARAT Steering Committee have been appointed on either the recommendation of the Clinical committee, Education committee, Rare Disease committee or as a representative of the Early Career Task Force, Executive committee or Membership at large.

For 2021, the PARAT programme is also being organised into four active Working Groups, comprising Steering Committee representatives and 8-10 invited International experts.


2021 Steering Committee and Working Groups

Co-Chair: Professor Jens Bollerslev, Norway

Co-Chair: Professor Peter Kamenický, France

Ex-Officio: Professor Andrea Giustina, ESE President, Italy


Primary Hyperparathyroidism Working Group

Lead: Professor Neil Gittoes, UK

Deputy: Professor Alexandra Zahn, Germany

Editor: Professor Jens Bollerslev, Norway

Invited Experts: TBC


Hypoparathyroidism Working Group

Lead: Professor Heide Siggelkow, Germany

Deputy: Professor Anna-Maria Formenti Italy

Editor: Professor Peter Kamenický, France

Invited Experts: TBC


Preconception, pregnancy & lactation Working Group

Lead: Professor Stefan Pilz, Austria

Deputy: Professor Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra, The Netherlands

Editor: Professor Lars Rejnmark, Denmark

Invited Experts: TBC


Medical Education Working Group

Lead: Professor Elena Tsourdi, Germany

Deputy: Professor Luis Cardoso, Portugal

Deputy: Professor Zhanna Belaya, Russia

Editor: Professor Claudio Marcocci, Italy

Invited Experts: TBC