PARAT Updates and Educational Materials

As the PARAT programme has extended its scope and impact over 4 years, ESE aims to provide a wide range of live and enduring educational activities and materials for a variety of audiences that include:

  • International parathyroid disorder experts
  • General endocrinologists
  • ESE, ECAS and EYES members and stakeholders
  • Non-endocrine practitioners
  • Patients and their stakeholder groups

To support the PARAT programme and increase awareness of other parathyroid disorder developments, the ESE PARAT Steering Committee publish occasional email updates.

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Expert Workshops

These, by invitation only, events allow experts and key leaders from across Europe to discuss and identify challenges faced during the diagnosis and management of patients parathyroid conditions. These workshops help to facilitate progress of the PARAT programme, and define the focus. You can access summary reports of previous events here.


Synthesis reports

Concise summaries form PARAT Expert Workshops, webinars or other ESE events featuring parathyroid disorder discussions



A forthcoming series of educational updates from the PARAT Steering Committee, Faculty and/or Guest speakers on a range of topics around parathyroid disorders and patient management.


Consensus statements and Recommendation papers

During 2021, the PARAT Steering Committee and its Working Groups are working to develop a range of consensus statements, recommendations and article updates that will be peer-reviewed and published.

Past publications include:

“Unmet therapeutic, educational and scientific needs in parathyroid disorders: Consensus Statement from the first European Society of Endocrinology Workshop (PARAT). Eur J Endocrinol. 2019 Sep; 181(3): P1–P19.


Educational materials and digital tools

Over the course of 2021, ESE will be announcing a suite of practical materials and tools designed to educate various stakeholder audiences, in a variety of formats.


Digital Newsletter

From time to time, the PARAT Steering Committee publish digital newsletters to support the PARAT programme and increase awareness of other parathyroid disorder developments.


Patient materials

ESE increasingly provide materials and knowledge accessible to patients and the primary care practitioner community. To download the “ESE Patient Information Leaflet for Hypoparathyroidism” in English and 7 other languages, click here


On behalf of the PARAT Steering Committee, we thank you in advance for your interest and support in the ESE PARAT Programme.

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