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Issue 25

Issue 25 Autumn 2014

ESE News is a newsletter dedicated to keeping endocrinologists across the length and breadth of Europe up to date with ESE activities and other news of interest.


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Young vessels rejuvenate aged insulin-producing beta cells

The pill affects women’s satisfaction with their relationships, study finds

Newly discovered hormone with potential treatment for obesity, type-2 diabetes, liver disease

Soap ingredient can trigger liver cancer in mice, warn scientists

EU member states 'risk losing the battle against diabetes'

New guidelines for acromegaly include advice on pregnancy

“There is no proof that diets that remove fat and carbohydrates work”

Low levels of DHEA prohormone predict coronary heart disease

Sex will soon be just for fun not babies, says father of the Pill

Crimes of passion? Why most people aren’t fights or lovers but both

Discovery may revolutionise diabetes treatment

Results from the first global survey of NET patients

Abnormalities within muscle signalling pathways may influence insulin resistance among South Asians

Identification of the optimal screening threshold for gestational diabetes

Acromegaly diagnosis and treatment guideline issued by The Endocrine Society

Children's attention deficit linked to air pollution

How Arctic ground squirrels use steroids to bulk up for winter

Postoperative symptomatic hypocalcaemia linked to preoperative vitamin D deficiency in thyroid cancer patients

Researchers create thyroid cells from human stem cells

Weight loss surgery reduces diabetes risk

Shift work could be affecting your mental ability

Drugs used to tackle type-2 diabetes may also reverse Alzheimer’s disease and restore memories

Mother cleared of poisoning teenage daughter with hormones supplied by Belgian doctor

Let your daughter be a ‘pink princess’

Put calorie labels on beer, wine and spirits

Experts recommend tumour removal as first-line treatment for acromegaly

Landon Jones: why doesn’t he get hungry or thirsty?

Prostate drugs treble heart death risk for some patients

Sex with more than 20 women reduces risk of prostate cancer, according to study

New study could help time medication to hit sweet-spots in the body clock

Sunshine can slow weight gain and diabetes symptoms

Betatrophin breakthrough called into question

Gene study may improve thyroid cancer management

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