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Issue 30

Issue 30 Summer 2016

ESE News is a newsletter dedicated to keeping endocrinologists across the length and breadth of Europe up to date with ESE activities and other news of interest.


European News

Scientists work to eliminate hormone injections with IVM treatment

Scientists unmask the dark side of the 'happy hormone'

Oranges and lemons can help stop diseases caused by obesity, including diabetes

New guidelines say one approach can prevent teen obesity and eating disorders

Caster Semenya and hyperandrogenism: the debate continues

Two percent testosterone solution improves sex drive and energy levels in men with hypogonadism

The fertility detector kit: new internal monitor to predict ovulation

Metformin could treat cardiovascular disease in people without type 2 diabetes

Ethnicity of women undergoing fertility treatment can affect outcomes

Brexit: Government guarantee for post-EU funds

Rio Olympics 2016: Caster Semenya's history-making could spell the end

Gigantism sufferers to benefit from new drug subsidy

Alcohol 'stunts muscle growth during exercise recovery period'

Viruses 'more dangerous in the morning'

Brain Relies on Two Timekeepers for Sleep

What can killer whales teach us about the menopause?

I'm scared of what the estrogen shortage might do to trans women like me

Transgender teenagers 'risking lives' buying hormones on black market

Sex hormones skew outcomes in clinical trials -- here's how

Testosterone therapy – hope or hype?

Osteoporosis, a treatment with few options, may have one more

Anti-inflammatory drugs could help older women become pregnant, study suggests

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer may pose a risk for black men

The elderly 'have higher levels of the hormone that makes us feel full'

Sleep apnea triggers pediatric fatty liver disease progression

Risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke increase before menopause

Sex steroid deprivation adversely affects body composition in healthy men

Vitamin D plummets when women stop taking the Pill: Lower oestrogen levels cause it to fall by 20%

Drinking soy helps balance hormones and 'protects against heart disease and diabetes'

German high court rejects 'intersex' as third gender category

Scientists finally find out why women experience sexual pleasure

What is an intersex athlete? Explaining the case of Caster Semenya

Brain changes mean 'many women feel less pleasure and reward from their workout in later life'

Babies with poor thyroid function missed at birth do worse on NAPLAN test in primary school

Patients with non-functional adrenal tumors at increased risk of diabetes

Could eating too much saturated fat affect your brain?

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