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Issue 32

Issue 32 Winter 2016/17

ESE News is a newsletter dedicated to keeping endocrinologists across the length and breadth of Europe up to date with ESE activities and other news of interest.





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European News

Testosterone replacement therapy reduces cardiovascular risk

Estrogen levels affect the exosome-carried microRNA profile of postmenopausal women

'Junk DNA' could play an important role in diabetes

Jasmine-compound and standard-therapy combination show promise as BPH treatment

Study finds obesity in children partly inherited from parents

Diabetes could cause up to 12% of US deaths

Yo-yo dieting might actually be good for people even if they end up gaining weight back

European proposal limits ability to protect public from endocrine disruptors

How dads bond with toddlers: Brain scans link oxytocin to paternal nurturing

High rates of satisfaction for applicator free local estrogen softgel ovule

Pancreatic islet cells in animals can 'flip' their fate to produce insulin

Postmenopausal hormone therapy exceeding ten years may protect from dementia

Melatonin content of supplements varies widely

Two slices of buttered toast a day doubles diabetes risk

Gastric band surgery significantly reduces health risks in overweight people with diabetes

Insulin use tied to gestational diabetes risks

Pilot study shows stable insulin production in type 1 diabetes

Hormone therapy may not protect women from Alzheimer's disease

New peptide hormone aids waterproof barrier formation in plant roots

Vitamin D pills 'could stop colds or flu'

Circulating extracellular RNAs tied to insulin resistance

Estrogen likely contributes to cold-induced Raynaud’s in women

Married people have lower levels of stress hormone

Nutrition and insulin management guidelines for exercise in type 1 diabetes

Testosterone therapy provides protection against cardiovascular disease

AACE, ACE dyslipidaemia clinical practice guidelines update

Why does type 1 diabetes kill some cells but not others?

Heavy lifting and shift work could harm women's fertility

Anti-ageing hormone may play major role in development of kidney disease

Acromegaly tied to worsening heart structure and function

Metformin improves PCOS clinical but not metabolic or endocrine outcomes

Higher stress in police officers linked to dysregulation of cortisol

Hair test for Cushing's syndrome?

Is your dog badly behaved? It may be because you're neurotic

Daylight savings time contributes to higher miscarriage rates

Endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure increases obesity risk

Departure of migratory birds from stopover sites is hormone-controlled

Novel immunologic and endocrine model for Cushing’s syndrome research

Swedes warned snus tobacco raises diabetes risk

Ion channel necessary for hormone and anti-obesity drug to suppress eating

Microorganisms could help remove endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Sex differences in cognitive regulation of stress

Gradual weight gain raises the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Low vitamin D linked to relapse risk in ulcerative colitis

Oyxtocin-like hormone from insects could prevent preterm labour

Transporter of thyroid hormones is crucial for the embryonal development of the brain

Endocrine Society honours Early Investigators Award winners

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