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Issue 29

Issue 29 Winter 2015/16

ESE News is a newsletter dedicated to keeping endocrinologists across the length and breadth of Europe up to date with ESE activities and other news of interest.


European News

Other European News

New drug-delivery approach holds potential for treating obesity

Psoriasis linked to higher risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes

Zoledronic acid improved bone health in patients with osteoporosis

Keyhole surgery sees one patient lose 42kg in six months

Experts meet to address need to improve hormone tests

What happens when women get their periods in space

Flu jabs ‘more effective in morning’

Admiring ‘great art’ is good for your health

Researchers have found a ‘striking’ new side effect from eating fast food

Hormone insufficiencies may be prevalent after blast concussion in veterans

Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to low birthweight and intensive care

Diabulimia: the little known eating disorder that's killing diabetic women

FDA rejects Chiasma's drug to treat growth disorder

Exercise strengthens legs and protects against weakening as we age

Vitamin D deficiency linked to sex-specific hypoglycemia

Too much sugar for pregnant women 'puts child at greater risk of heart disease'

Tiny dose of E.coli in the gut blocks cravings for sweet food'

Type-1 diabetes 'prevention' trial starts in Scotland

It’s not cancer: doctors reclassify a thyroid tumour

Testosterone link to heart attacks in men, say Edinburgh researchers

Can you stop a paedophile before they've abused a child?

New guideline recommends 10-year follow-up for PPGL

'Superhero DNA' keeps diseases at bay

3D printers can 'build' new ovaries to help infertile women

Second CRISPR human embryo study shows there is a long way to go

First US uterus transplant patient speaks after organ failure

'Superhero DNA' keeps diseases at bay

Benign by design: how chemists aim to end pharmaceutical pollution of the environment

Pregnancy diabetes tests 'too late', warn scientists

Lithium study helps scientists unlock ageing puzzle

Custom-compounded hormones linked to risks, side effects in menopausal women

Consuming full-fat dairy products effective against diabetes and obesity

Vitamin D 'heals damaged hearts'

Zafgen and the fight against obesity

Tanning May Lower Skin's Ability To Produce Vitamin D

World Health Day: Beat Diabetes

Cost of diabetes hits 825 billion dollars a year

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