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Issue 29

Issue 29 Winter 2015/16

ESE News is a newsletter dedicated to keeping endocrinologists across the length and breadth of Europe up to date with ESE activities and other news of interest.


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Changing attitudes to periods - let's get rid of them completely

Sweeteners cut calories but increase risk of diabetes

AACE/ACE app offers clinical guidance for management of type 2 diabetes

AACE unveils new clinical practice guideline for obesity management

Severe depression could lead to fertility problems

World Thyroid Day is heralded by thyroid societies

Air pollution exposure may raise heart disease risk

Air pollution could increase risk of still births

Common flame retardant in furniture and cars may trigger thyroid problems in women

Low hormone levels linked to obesity in teens

Swallowable, gas-filled balloons aid fight against obesity

Thyroid tumor reclassified to curb overdiagnosis of cancer

Adrenal gland tumors linked to ADHD diagnosis

Prediabetes: Fatty liver, visceral obesity, production and action of insulin modulate risk

Wine protects against type 2 diabetes better than beer, spirits

Eating dinner after 8pm does not increase childhood obesity

64% of Americans do no physical exercise

Is leptin responsible for altering the insular cortex in response to eating disorders?

71 percent of hip fracture patients not told they have osteoporosis

Researchers have found high doses of vitamin D can lead to fewer complications during childbirth but reduce fertility in the first place

Endometriosis and infertility

On the potential of androgens

Type 1 diabetes treatment could end need for insulin injections

New drugs, better communication critical in treatment of osteoporosis

Pop-up messages may be beneficial for physician awareness of osteoporosis

Call for action on dangers of not treating osteoporosis more aggressively

Endocrine disruptors: motion of censure on the Commission announced in plenary

Benefits of calcium supplements may be outweighed by cardiovascular risks

Oranges and Grapes: in the fights against obesity

Mayo Clinic endocrinologist honoured for obesity research

Diabetes drug found no better than placebo at treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Research highlights safety and efficacy of novel treatment option for hypogonadism over 52-week period

Oral agents offer glycemic control, improved beta-cell function in severe hyperglycemia

Hormones make you impulsive and unable to resist temptation

Extra pregnancy pounds tied to obesity even for normal size babies

Scientists urge caution over 'alarmist' claim of link between pregnancy folate and autism

Testosterone leads to improved sexual function among men with type 2 diabetes

Drinking diet soda during pregnancy could make children overweight

Hormones that are released during hunger affect decision making

Radiotherapy halves deaths from prostate cancer 15 years after diagnosis

Study shows possible 'key' to improved therapy for adrenocortical carcinoma

Could eating mangoes combat cancer and obesity?

Men also risk osteoporosis

Refugees face higher diabetes risk in poor neighborhoods

Is obesity contagious?

Does the secret to curing cancer lie within people who appear to be immune?

Breast milk hormones found to impact bacterial development in infants' guts

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