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Issue 29

Issue 29 Winter 2015/16

ESE News is a newsletter dedicated to keeping endocrinologists across the length and breadth of Europe up to date with ESE activities and other news of interest.


European News

Other European News

Endocrine Society issues first ever clinical practice guideline on diagnosis & treatment of primary adrenal insufficiency

How women's heights vary across the world: and the health effects involved

Is Neanderthal DNA partly responsible for depression, obesity and our addiction to nicotine?

Is obesity linked to memory loss?

Could a diabetes drug help beat concaine addiction?

Liraglutide may have diminishing effect with long-term use

Folic acid consumption in pregnancy may raise gestational diabetes risk

Are food additives linked to the rise in obesity and diabetes?

Barley will help prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Extra fat by aged ten linked to increased diabetes risk

Sanofi scraps licensing pact for insulin inhaler

Metformin: will it help in the recovery from heart attack?

Celebrities weight in on the sugar tax debate

Tea could be the secret to strong bones

A Discussion on HRT

There is no safe way to get a natural sun tan

Soy foods can protect against BPA in chemical packaging

Maternal diabetes and obesity associated with higher risk of autism

Thyroid and breast cancer survivors at risk of other malignancy

Is the human brain more active in the summer?

Severe burn injury can alter brain metabolism

Limited insulin access for thousands of people

Johnson & Johnson, ViaCyte, and the quest for a diabetes cure

ADHD and obesity in women

New syndrome which causes obesity and intellectual disability

Cryogenics and the US army

World Cancer Day

Anti-aging pills increase life of mice 35%

Losing weight in middle age could herald dementia

Proton beam therapy reduces toxicity in treatment of pediatric medulloblastoma

Nutritious meals may make us taller but they could also increase our cancer risk

Androgens prepare the womb for pregnancy

Is her stress different to his stress?

Gut hormones and eating, drinking, smoking habits

POMC peptides are crucial to controlling appetite

Fruit and veg 'could reduce breast cancer risk by one quarter'

Could sitting in your chair increase your diabetes risk?

Antithyroid drugs and the risk of birth defects

Are BPA-free food containers really safe?

Transgender athletes to be allowed to compete as the other sex in the Olympics

Migraines may worsen as menopause approaches

Gene mutations tied to rare form of infertility

How air pollution could harm your chances of having a baby

Cutting sugar in drinks 'could prevent 300,000 cases of diabetes'

New guidelines for treatment of severe primary adrenal insufficiency symptoms

New report on transgender equality

Extra European News

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