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Issue 30

Issue 31 Autumn 2016

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European News

Short sleep duration increases hyperglycaemia risk among inpatients

Gastric emptying in type 1 diabetes unaffected by liraglutide

Diabetes breakthrough: insulin-producing cells formed using malaria drugs

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, UK, suggests cognitive behavioural therapy for managing PMS

New guidelines recommend evaluation of osteoporosis risk for all postmenopausal women

American thyroid association: revised guidelines for hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis

GH therapy does not affect glucose homeostasis in adults

Implantable testosterone pellets associated with small haematocrit increase

Platypus venom could hold key to diabetes treatment

‘Wonder woman’ power pose does not boost confidence or testosterone levels

Discovery of alcohol-regulating hormone could lead to pill which prevents cravings

Omega-3 fatty acids ineffective for psychosis in ultra-high risk adults

New target receptor discovered in the fight against obesity

Yo-yo weight gain driven by gut bacteria's 'memory' of obesity

Study sheds light on diet of children with weight issues

Scientists explore link between gastrointestinal microbiota and dietary fats

Vitamin D doesn't prevent disease for most, study says

Obesity in adolescence may cause permanent bone loss

Novo, Sanofi go head to head as FDA clears new diabetes drugs

Endocrine cells in the brain influence the optimization of behaviour

Cortisol differences among gay men

Women who have their last baby after 35 are mentally sharper in old age

Urinary BPA levels tied to metabolic risks in reproductive-aged women

Menopausal hormone therapy improves bone health

Liquorice root extract contains compound that lowers oestrogen

Inability to store fat safely increases diabetes risk

Frederick Banting celebrated in Google Doodle

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