European Congress of Endocrinology

The European Congress of Endocrinology is the European Society of Endocrinology’s premier event, attracting over 3,800 international delegates each year across the spectrum of endocrinology. The event is a showcase of the best of science and clinical practice across the fields of endocrinology and metabolism, and aims to deliver to all audiences interested in the field, whether you are an experienced consultant, a scientist or a nurse, and whether you are well advanced in your career or just starting out. Access information about our next event here. There are also a range of awards available for submitted abstract authors and grants available to support attendance at the meeting. If you are an ESE member, you can also get a significant discount on the cost of registration for the meeting - see details here regarding all of the benefits of membership.

You can view information about all of our upcoming meetings here.

If you are an existing ESE member or attended e-ECE 2020 or e-ECE 2021 you can also review the content of the congress on our website ESE on Demand.

ESE On Demand

Providing the scientific content from ECE 20/21

ECE 2022

21- 24 May 2022

ECE 2023

13-16 May 2023

ECE 2024

11-14 May 2024

European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE) Congress Proposals

Proposals are invited from ESE Affiliated Societies to host the annual European Congress of Endocrinology in their country. ECE is organised centrally by ESE in close collaboration with the host national society. Nominations may also be received from the ESE Executive Committee. Further details about the next available year to host ECE will be available in due course.