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Environmental Endocrinology

Stay informed of the latest research and clinical developments relating to Environmental Endocrinology. Here you will find updates on the work of our  leads, and expert panel, details of upcoming training and events, and links to recent news and publications.



A Note From Our Focus Area Leads

As our understanding of the consequence of human activity on our environment increases it is becoming more apparent that seemingly subtle effects from our actions may later manifest as a greater detrimental impact.

Similar, as society evolves and develops, changes to our diets, behaviour, environmental interaction and exposure to novel stimuli creates new challenges for research and healthcare professionals. The global rise in obesity and diabetes, the prevalence and use in industry of potential endocrine disrupting chemicals exemplify the need for innovative, multidisciplinary solutions to these modern problems.

Through interaction with policy makers and governing bodies, endocrinologists can influence the development of new guidelines, policies and regulations to ensure a better standard life and of healthcare for patients. ESE, working with our collaborators, stands at the forefront of efforts to ensure greater harmonisation of education, of clinical standards and of healthcare opportunities across Europe and beyond.

Co-lead: Josef Köhrle, Germany

Co-lead: Pauliina Damdimopoulou, Sweden

Expert Panel: Annamaria Colao (Italy), Manuel Tena-Sempere (Spain), Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis (Greece), Jorma Toppari (Finland), Salvatore Benvenga (Italy), Aleksandra Buha (Serbia)

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