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Our Guidelines

Clinical guidelines produced by the European Society of Endocrinology, either in collaboration with other Societies or independently, provide recommendations for patient care for specified conditions.

Clinical Guidelines for Endocrine Care

As a focal point for endocrinology and hormone research in Europe, ESE produces clinical guidelines with recommendations for patient care, either in collaboration with other Societies or independently. These include:

  • ESE Guidelines – produced by ESE
  • Joint Guidelines – produced by ESE in partnership with other Societies
  • Endorsed Guidelines – produced by other Societies and endorsed by ESE
  • External Guidelines – produced by external organisations

ESE's Clinical Committee leads on guideline development, with input from other committees as appropriate.

All guidelines are subject to a rigorous review process before being published, undertaken by our Members and relevant parties (such as patient support groups). Guidelines are presented during the annual European Congress of Endocrinology. Where it is considered beneficial, patient support literature will be prepared alongside the guidelines to provide patients with assistance in understanding and managing their condition.

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ESE Endorsements

ESE promotes collaboration and supports our community to develop and share the best knowledge in endocrine science and medicine. We often endorse meetings, projects and guidelines produced by independent organisations, where we believe they offer outstanding value to our Members.

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