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Clinical Committee

Committee Remit

  • To advance quality and equality of patient care in endocrinology across Europe.
  • To pursue alliances with and support all healthcare professionals in endocrinology (clinicians, specialist nurses and allied professions) delivering patient care.
  • To recommend new ESE Focus Area Clinical Leads and coordinate the ESE Focus Areas towards strategic clinical developments in endocrinology.
  • To play a leading role in the development of both European and international guidelines for optimal management of endocrine disorders.


  • To give guidance on matters in clinical endocrinology, including ethical issues, societal consequences and best practice.
  • To support clinical research in Europe, with a special focus on supporting endocrinologists in less-advantaged countries.
  • To manage ESE’s input into European databases/registries for rare endocrine disorders.
  • To support the ESE Education Committee on clinical education activities in endocrinology, as required.


  • To liaise with the ESE Science Committee as necessary.
  • To provide input on scientific symposia and other conference and training sessions.
  • To support the ESE Patient Organisation Network, helping to ensure ESE is actively engaged in an appropriate level of patient support activities.
  • To work with the ESE media representative and ESE Office to ensure adequate and appropriate representation of clinical endocrinology in the media.
  • To work towards the financial sustainability of the Clinical Committee activities.

ESE Team member responsibility: Head of Scientific Programmes.


Take a look at our activities for Clinicians

We provide courses, grants and resources to support clinicians, from trainee medics to recognised experts in the field. We work with clinicians to develop guidelines and engage in outreach activities to improve clinical endocrinology worldwide