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ESE advances endocrinology by publishing exceptional science whilst helping endocrinologists to progress their individual careers through publication and collaboration.

ESE's Publications – At a Glance

Our publications help endocrinologists learn the skills they need to publish, as well as offering excellent outlets for their work through our journals, guidelines and abstracts.

Alongside our wide range of clinical and basic research journals we also publish a triannual newsletter allowing our members to keep up to date on all the latest news in European endocrinology.

Meeting Reports and Abstracts

We periodically publish contemporary printed and/or digital reports on a range of educational topics from online or face-to-face meetings. These are often produced and distributed to ESE Members thanks to grant support from one or several, of our corporate members. Meeting reports from ESE’s meetings are written by an ESE-commissioned medical writer who provides an independent report of the scientific or educational meeting for ESE’s dissemination, while Endocrine Abstracts provides searchable abstracts of all presentations at key conferences in endocrinology.

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ESE Annual Review

Read ESE's Annual Reviews to see our key activities and achievements over the previous year as we work to support our members and make progress towards the goals set out in our 2022-2026 strategy.

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ESE Policy White Papers

We published our first policy white paper in 2021. Download “Hormones in European Health Policies: How endocrinologists can contribute towards a healthier Europe” to see the policy priorities that underpin our work.

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ESE Insight

Insight reports are commissioned through our focus area networks, who may invite experts to write on a particular topic, or by an ESE medical writer reporting on a scientific or educational update meeting focused.

Production and distribution is often supported through restricted grants support from our corporate members.

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