Nominations Committee

Chair: Mónica Marazuela

Committee Remit

Executive Committee nominations:

  • To seek proposals for nominations from individual members of ESE and affiliated endocrine societies.
  • To review the member nominations to confirm suitability and select two candidates per vacancy on the ballot paper, taking into account areas of expertise, geographical distribution and gender when selecting nominees.
  • At any given time at least two basic scientists should be members of the Executive Committee and the Nominations Committee will take this into account as a priority when deciding on the nominations.
  • The ESE Executive Committee have a veto right. If a nomination is vetoed, a joint discussion of the Nominations Committee and the Executive Officers Board and/or Executive Committee should take place.

ESE Award nominations:

  • To actively seek potential nominees for the ESE’s Awards, currently Geoffrey Harris Award, EJE Award, CET Award and the European Hormone Medal Award. The membership will also have the opportunity to nominate.
  • To review the jury procedures from time to time.
  • To review the awards programme and make recommendations for amendments or to make suggestions for new awards.

Committee Membership

  • Mónica Marazuela, Spain, chair (Secretary, 2018-2022).
  • Jens Bollerslev, Norway (2020 to 2022).
  • Mark Gurnell, UK, (2021-2023).
  • Davide Carvalho, Portugal (2021-2023).
  • Riccarda Granata, Italy, co-terminous with office (Executive Committee, 2018-2022).
  • One Executive Committee member to be confirmed.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Martin Reincke, Germany, co-terminous with office (President, 2021-2023).
  • Jérôme Bertherat, France, co-terminous with office (President-Elect, 2021-2023).
  • Anton Luger, Austria, co-terminous with office (ECAS representative, 2020-2024).
  • Helen Gregson, Chief Executive Officer, co-terminous with office.

 ESE Team Member Responsibility: Governance and Office Manager.