Policy and Advocacy Task Force

Chair: Jérôme Bertherat

Committee Remit

  • To develop the overall ESE Policy and Advocacy strategy and set priorities.
  • To review strategy and priorities on an annual basis, to ensure the most relevant set of objectives for the policy and advocacy efforts at all times.
  • To plan and support the implementation of activities to support the priorities.
  • To support the development of ESE position papers and other documentation as necessary to support the agreed strategy.
  • To secure that ESE and by extension European endocrinology is represented at the level of the European Institutions (Commission, Parliament and other stakeholders).
  • To develop alliances and collaborations with other relevant stakeholders in European endocrinology (national and specialty societies, patient advocacy, Endo-ERN in the area of policy and advocacy.
  • To oversee ESE’s involvement with other relevant bodies, including but not exclusive to the Biomed Alliance, the Initiative for Science in Europe and others.
  • To inform the engagement with our industry partners, though the Industry Partnership Board, in policy and advocacy themes of common interest.
  • To develop a policy and advocacy supportive media outreach strategy.
  • To create awareness, inform and communicate with the ESE membership on all policy and advocacy matters that impact on endocrinology, research based as well as clinical, and endocrine patient care and health in general. 
  • To act as a central point of expertise for this area to ESE leadership, members and external stake holders.
  • To periodically meet with MEPs and members of EU Commission.
  • To develop a Hormone Interest group within European Parliament.

Committee Membership

  • Jérôme Bertherat, France, co-terminous with office (President, 2023-2025).

Scientific Support:

  • Felix Beuschlein, Switzerland, (representing research science area) (2020-2022).
  • Simona Glasberg, Israel, (representing rare disease area) (2020-2022).
  • Josef Koehrle, Germany, (representing the environment area (EDC’s) (2020-2022).
  • Monica Marazuela, Spain, (representing cancer area) (2020-2022).
  • Bulent Yildiz, Turkey, (representing obesity area) (2020-2022).

Political support:

  • Davide Carvalho, Portugal, (ECAS representative) (2020-2022).
  • Stefano Frara, Italy, (representing early-career) (2020-2022).
  • Francesco Giorgino, Italy, (ECAS representative) (2020-2022).
  • Alberto Pereira, Netherlands, (representing Endo-ERN) (2020-2022).
  • Manel Puig, Spain, (ESE’s representative to EMA) (2020-2022).
  • Patrice Rodien, France, (ECAS representative) (2020-2022).
  • Barbara McGowan, UK, (representative of the Society for Endocrinology) (2021-2023).

Ex-officio members

  • Wiebke Arlt, UK, co-terminous with office (President-Elect, 2023-2025).
  • Anton Luger, Austria, co-terminous with office (ECAS representative, 2020-2024).
  • UEMS Representative, Maeve Durkan (Ireland), co-terminous with office as President of the UEMS Board.

ESE Team

  • Helen Gregson, Chief Executive Officer, co-terminous with office.
  • Dirk De Rijdt, Director of Strategic Partnerships, co-terminous with office.
  • Mischa Van Eimeren, EU Liaison

ESE Team member responsibility: Director of Strategic Partnerships.