Alliance for Biomedical Research

The Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe (BioMed Alliance) is a non-profit organisation representing leading European research and medical societies uniting more than 400,000 researchers and health professionals.

The BioMed Alliance is committed to promoting excellence in European biomedical research and innovation with the goal of improving the health and well-being of all European citizens.

BioMed Alliance aims:

  • To provide a platform for their members to speak with a unified voice and interact with EU policy makers on key topics for European biomedical and health research
  • To provide recommendations for policy and decision makers on facilitating and improving biomedical research in Europe
  • To advocate for an EU regulatory environment that promotes European excellence and innovation in biomedical research by adopting specific policy statements
  • To ensure that the European Research Area is supported with sustainable research policies and adequate funding programmes at EU-level to tackle future societal challenges Membership BioMed

The BioMed Alliance activities focus on topics important for all members and are complementary to other European organisations. Members are actively involved and receive regular information about the activities of the BioMed Alliance. Policy, strategy and activities are annually discussed during the Spring meeting and the General Assembly, which in addition provide a forum for networking and information exchange with high-level policymakers and relevant stakeholders at European level.

ESE works with the Biomed Alliance, meeting with other pan-European learned societies to tackle the key issues facing our members. By supporting Biomed Alliance initiatives, we are actively supporting the European biomedical community.

ESE adheres to the Biomed Alliance Code of Conduct. This document outlines approaches to ensure objectivity and transparency across the activities carried out by medical professional organisations. 


July 2021: The BioMed Alliance Taskforce on IVD in collaboration with the European Haematology Association Taskforce on IVD have elaborated a questionnaire on the current use of different IVD tests in diagnostic laboratories. The objective of the questionnaire is to gain insight into the current situation for medical laboratories, in particular the degree of (un)preparedness of medical laboratories for the IVDR implementation, and to make an accurate assessment of the potential impact that the IVDR will have on diagnostic laboratories and their test menu. They requested diagnostic laboratories in the EU to fill in this questionnaire on their current use of IVD tests and their preparations for the IVDR (the new EU regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices). 


October 2020: Member societies of the Biomedical Alliance in Europe (BioMed Alliance), an association of 34 leading European medical and research societies, highlight concerns around some key provisions in Plan S that insufficiently protect the needs of researchers in Europe and beyond. Read the statement.

July 2020: An open letter signed by 48 Members of the European Parliament and health organisations (Including ESE) has been issued, calling for strong European leadership in health research and for better coordination of health research efforts across Europe.