How to read and review a paper

In the first of a series of three ESE Talks... How to Survive the System: Practical Skills for Researchers Professor Olaf Dekkers (Netherlands) will provide a guide of how to approach the literature. The talk will cover the learning points below and will ensure that you approach papers with the right degree of scepticism in order to be an effective reviewer and will help ensure you judge the validity of papers appropriately in your own reading.

Key learning points:

  • Try to look for the question in a paper, not only the answer
  • Statistical models are always wrong, but some are useful
  • All data are in need of an interpretation
  • Science is not about p-values, it is about validity and relevance

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Olaf Dekkers (Netherlands) : Deputy Editor of EJE

Olaf Dekkers (Netherlands) : Deputy Editor of EJE

Professor Olaf Dekkers is endocrinologist and epidemiologist at the Leiden University Medical Center. He is currently involved in guideline development for the European Society of Endocrinology and is Deputy Editor of the European Journal of Endocrinology.