ESE Talks... Rare Diseases: MEN-1 - a joint webinar from ESE, Endo-ERN and ESPE

This webinar has now taken place. The recording of the session can be found below. 


Holistic approach to the treatment and surveillance of MEN1-patients and their families

Patient interview 
Pieternel Vlasblom and Carla R.C. Pieterman MD PhD, endocrinologist UMC Utrecht

Early recognition of MEN1
Gerlof D. Valk, MD PhD, endocrinologist UMC Utrecht

MEN1 at the pediatric age
Annemarie A. Verrijn Stuart, MD PhD, pediatric endocrinologist WKZ

Surveillance and treatment of MEN1 in adults
Gregory Kaltsas, endocrinologist National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.