ESE Talks...Rare Diseases: Transition - a joint webinar from ESE, Endo-ERN and ESPE


In the first joint webinar from ESE, ESPE and Endo-ERN, the speakers and chairs discussed transition from paediatric to adulthood care in pituitary disorders.

Title: Essential insights for the transition from paediatric to adulthood care in rare pituitary disorders

Chairs: Violeta Iotova (Bulgaria), Nienke Biermasz (Netherlands) and Evangelia Charmandari (Greece)

The session follows the programme below:

  • Introduction from the Chairs
  • Mapping of the current transition of care for patients with pituitary disease at Endo-ERN Reference Centers       Dr Savi Shiskov (Bulgaria)
  • Presentation of a use case illustrating unmet needs from the patient perspective.                                            Patient/parent representative
  • Discussion and proposal for next steps 

 Please click below to view the webinar recording.