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Thursday 3 November 2022: Towards novel biomarkers in endocrine cancer
Stavroula Paschou (Greece) and Pierre Val (France)
Barbara Altieri (Germany) & TBC


Previous topics:

Masterclass in Endocrine Physiology - Rethinking the Text Book on the HPT Axis
Chair: Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) 
Speakers: Paul Le Tissier (UK) and Yasmine Kemkem (France) 

Masterclass in Pathology
Chair: Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) 
Speakers: Christofer Juhlin (Sweden) and Johan Paulsson (Sweden)

Masterclass in Congenital Hypopituitarism
Chair: Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) 
Speaker: Mehul Dattani (UK)

Masterclass in Molecular Tools: Use for the diagnosis and treatment in clinical endocrinology
Chair: Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) 
Evi Xekouki (UK) & Constantine Stratakis (Greece)

Masterclass in Epigenetics
Chair: Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) 
Speakers: Rebecca Oakey (UK) and Bertille Montibus (UK)

Masterclass in Assisted Conception
Chair: Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) 
Speakers: Yacoub Khalaf (UK) and Julia Kopeika (UK)

COVID-19, Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
Chairs: Stavroula Paschou (Greece) and Pierre Val (France) 
Speakers: Andrea Giustina (Italy) and Bulent Yildiz (Turkey)

Sexual dimorphism in endocrine and metabolic diseases
Chairs: Stavroula Paschou (Greece) and Pierre Val (France) 
Speakers: Nicole Bechmann (Germany) and Dimitrios Goulis (Greece) 

Gene tests for intermediate suspicion thyroid nodules 
Chairs: Lina Paschou (Greece) and Pierre Val (France) 
Speaker: Camille Buffet (France) and Laura Fugazzola (Italy)

Measurement pitfalls of steroids and androgens
Chairs: Lina Paschou (Greece) and Pierre Val (France) 
Speakers: Richard Auchus (USA) and Brian Keevil (UK)