44th Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

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16 - 19 Oct 2019

Topic: Inositol Lipids in Health and Diseases

Mont Ste Odile (France)

Inositol Lipids in Health and Diseases

16-19 October 2019, Mont Ste Odile, France.

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Focus on new functions and/or new discoveries in the regulation of phosphoinositide kinases and phosphatases, functions of inositol lipids and their molecular species, consequences of a deregulation of the phosphoinositide metabolism in human diseases and therapeutic perspectives

Confirmed Speakers

T. Balla, V. Bankaitis, A. Bolino, R. Botelho, J. Brill, G. Bultynck, J. E. Burke, G.Canaud, L. Cocco, A. de Matteis, V. Haucke, P. Hawkins, E. Hirsch, P. Hozak, S.H. Lehtonen, A. Saiardi, H. Stenmark, B. Vanhaesebroeck, L. Weisman, J. York.

More speakers to be announced soon in addition to short talks selected from submitted abstracts.


Phosphoinositide kinases and phosphatases in health and diseases and therapeutic perspectives/phosphoinositides in intracellular trafficking and organelle communication/focus on class II and III pi3-kinases/pi-kinases and phosphatases in metabolism and cancer/new functions of phosphoinositides, phosphoinositides molecular species/phosphoinositides & inositides in the nucleus and Ca2 signaling

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