Be part of our European endocrine community with fantastic opportunities for networking and collaboration as well access to educational and scientific opportunities including funding and a wide range of grants and awards.

ESE welcomes members in various categories:

  • Individual membership (Ordinary Members, Honorary Members)
  • Affiliated membership categories (Affiliated Societies, Associate Members)
  • Corporate membership scheme (Corporate Members).

Membership applications take between 2-5 working days to process and can take longer during busier periods before the annual congress. Please ensure you submit your application within plenty of time including any required additional information.

View your ESE membership profile, browse documents and gain access to a web-based directory of European endocrinologists.

Become a member

Ordinary Membership

Membership is open to researchers, clinicians and students in the field of endocrinology and hormonal systems. In particular, the Society welcomes early-career endocrinologists, endocrine nurses and basic scientists.

National Affiliate Membership

Members of ESE’s National Affiliated Societies are eligible for a discount on their ESE membership fees.

To benefit from this discount you must provide details of your national society membership during the membership application process.

Affiliated Society Membership

Affiliated Society Membership is open to national endocrine societies in Europe and in countries bordering the Mediterranean sea as well as pan-European and international sub-specialist endocrine societies. 

The ESE Council of Affiliated Societies (ECAS) provide a forum for discussions between ESE and the  National Affiliated Societies. It provides an opportunity for them to raise concerns and issues faced by their members and for the National Affiliated Societies to work together with ESE for the benefit of endocrinologists throughout Europe. All National Affiliated Societies who are members of ESE are automatically members of ECAS.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to national endocrine societies outside of Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea (as defined in the Society byelaws).

There are no voting rights associated with this category of membership but a representative can attend general meetings.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is awarded to those persons of special distinction in endocrinology or who have performed outstanding service to the Society. Nominations are received through and approved by the Executive Committee.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is open to companies working in the field of endocrinology. There are no voting rights associated with this category of membership but a representative can attend general meetings.