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Announcing European Hormone Day 2024 - 24 April. Save the date!

European Hormone Day returns on Wednesday 24 April 2024 to raise public awareness of the importance of good hormone health.

Plans are underway for the third European Hormone Day, which will bring together ESE’s National Endocrine Societies, Patient Advisory Groups and other stakeholders to promote endocrine health in their communities under the banner of ‘Because Hormones Matter’. In 2024, the dedicated hormone awareness day will focus on increasing public awareness of the vital role hormones play in health and disease. This reflects feedback from participants in last year’s campaign that suggested a desire for more public-facing activities. ESE will support the ECAS National Societies and others to reach their own audiences in a way that feels appropriate to them, while continuing to focus on wider policy and advocacy efforts.

All those with an interest are encouraged to promote the small steps everyone can take towards better hormone health. This might include in-person events or spreading the word on social media. As before, ESE will provide a public outreach toolkit with social media materials and suggestions for activities, covering endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), cancer, obesity and rare endocrine diseases. ESE will be focusing on EDCs, but participants can choose whatever themes are most relevant to their own community. We’ll also provide translations of digital materials in the 10 most common European languages.

The date is slightly earlier than in previous years – on Wednesday 24 April 2024 – to allow participants to run events locally and nationally before the European Congress of Endocrinology in May.

In early 2024, ESE will also launch an ongoing social media campaign based on the 10 Recommendations for Good Hormone Health published on last year’s European Hormone Day, to keep the conversation going year-round. Look out for our new ‘Because Hormones Matter’ Instagram account, where we’ll share and celebrate activities to promote endocrinology across Europe and beyond.

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