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Mapping Endocrinology in Europe

As part of its mission to shape the future of endocrinology, ESE is actively engaging with policy makers to improve the professional outlook of the endocrinology discipline and the care of patients with endocrine disease. 

At present there is no European wide understanding of the impact of endocrinology and the value of the endocrinologist; this is needed in order for us to represent and protect our discipline. ESE is therefore launching an ambitious project ‘Mapping Endocrinology in Europe’, during which the opinions, facts and data derived from as many endocrine professionals as possible, with clinical and/or research orientation, will be collated. This will enable there to be an accurate evaluation and communication of the present value and future needs of endocrinology, and to identify future areas that ESE’s policy and advocacy strategy needs to address, on our behalf.  

Results of the survey were made available at the finalisation of the project and have been instrumental in informing the development of ESE's White Paper.

Mapping Endo in EuropeMapping Endo in Europe

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