Online Reviews 2016


Geoffrey L Hammond
Plasma steroid-binding proteins: primary gatekeepers of steroid hormone action
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R13-R25 (July 2017) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Position Statement
Susanne Thiele, Giovanna Mantovani, Anne Barlier, Valentina Boldrin, Paolo Bordogna, Luisa De Sanctis, Francesca M Elli, Kathleen Freson, Intza Garin, Virginie Grybek, Patrick Hanna, Benedetta Izzi, Olaf Hiort, Beatriz Lecumberri, Arrate Pereda, Vrinda Saraff, Caroline Silve, Serap Turan, Alessia Usardi, Ralf Werner, Guiomar Perez de Nanclares, and Agnès Linglart
From pseudohypoparathyroidism to inactivating PTH/PTHrP signalling disorder (iPPSD), a novel classification proposed by the EuroPHP network
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 P1-P17 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Charlotte Steffensen, Alberto M Pereira, Olaf M Dekkers, and Jens Otto L Jørgensen
DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Prevalence of hypercortisolism in type 2 diabetes patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R247-R253 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Kerry J Welsh and Steven J Soldin
DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: How reliable are free thyroid and total T3 hormone assays?
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R255-R263 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

I Chiodini, C Eller Vainicher, V Morelli, S Palmieri, E Cairoli, A S Salcuni, M Copetti, and A Scillitani
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Endogenous subclinical hypercortisolism and bone: a clinical review
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R265-R282 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Irina Bancos, Fares Alahdab, Rachel K Crowley, Vasileios Chortis, Danae A Delivanis, Dana Erickson, Neena Natt, Massimo Terzolo, Wiebke Arlt, William F Young, Jr, and M Hassan Murad
THERAPY OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Improvement of cardiovascular risk factors after adrenalectomy in patients with adrenal tumors and subclinical Cushing’s syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R283-R295 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Liping Luo and Meilian Liu
Adipose tissue in control of metabolism
Journal of Endocrinology 231 R77-R99 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

S P Sivarajasingam, N Imami, and M R Johnson
Myometrial cytokines and their role in the onset of labour
Journal of Endocrinology 231 R101-R119 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Wayne D Tilley
Novel twists in hormone-mediated carcinogenesis
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 E9-E12 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Isabel Coutinho, Tanya K Day, Wayne D Tilley, and Luke A Selth
Androgen receptor signaling in castration-resistant prostate cancer: a lesson in persistence
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T179-T197 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Subing Cao, Yang Zhan, and Yan Dong
Emerging data on androgen receptor splice variants in prostate cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T199-T210 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Muhammed H Rahaman, Malika Kumarasiri, Laychiluh B Mekonnen, Mingfeng Yu, Sarah Diab, Hugo Albrecht, Robert W Milne, and Shudong Wang
Targeting CDK9: a promising therapeutic opportunity in prostate cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T211-T226 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Elgene Lim, Gerard Tarulli, Neil Portman, Theresa E Hickey, Wayne D Tilley, and Carlo Palmieri
Pushing estrogen receptor around in breast cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T227-T241 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Patricia V Elizalde, Rosalía I Cordo Russo, Maria F Chervo, and Roxana Schillaci
ErbB-2 nuclear function in breast cancer growth, metastasis and resistance to therapy
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T243-T257 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
John W Cassidy, Ankita S Batra, Wendy Greenwood, and Alejandra Bruna
Patient-derived tumour xenografts for breast cancer drug discovery
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T259-T270 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Kjell Öberg and Steven W J Lamberts
Somatostatin analogues in acromegaly and gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: past, present and future
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R551-R566 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Caroline Wilson, Hannah Brown, and Ingunn Holen
The endocrine influence on the bone microenvironment in early breast cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R567-R576 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Samantha Peiling Yang and Joanne Ngeow
Familial non-medullary thyroid cancer: unraveling the genetic maze
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R577-R595 (December 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Livia Lamartina, Désirée Deandreis, Cosimo Durante, and Sebastiano Filetti
ENDOCRINE TUMOURS: Imaging in the follow-up of differentiated thyroid cancer: current evidence and future perspectives for a risk-adapted approach
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R185-R202 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Garcilaso Riesco-Eizaguirre and Pilar Santisteban
ENDOCRINE TUMOURS: Advances in the molecular pathogenesis of thyroid cancer: lessons from the cancer genome
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R203-R217 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Peter Laurberg and Stine Linding Andersen
ENDOCRINOLOGY IN PREGNANCY: Pregnancy and the incidence, diagnosing and therapy of Graves' disease
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R219-R230 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Peiyun Li, Zhilei Shan, Li Zhou, Manling Xie, Wei Bao, Yan Zhang, Ying Rong, Wei Yang, and Liegang Liu
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Parity and risk of type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R231-R245 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Baiba Steinbrekera and Robert Roghair
Modeling the impact of growth and leptin deficits on the neuronal regulation of blood pressure
Journal of Endocrinology 231 R47-R60 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Che-Pei Kung and Maureen E Murphy
The role of the p53 tumor suppressor in metabolism and diabetes
Journal of Endocrinology 231 R61-R75 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Lichun Zhou, Baohua Ma, and Xiuzhen Han
The role of autophagy in angiotensin II-induced pathological cardiac hypertrophy
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R143-R152 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Carrie S Shemanko
Prolactin receptor in breast cancer: marker for metastatic risk
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R153-R165 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Deborah J Marsh and Charis Eng
Lessons learnt from outstanding mid-career women in endocrine cancer research
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 E5-E7 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Damien A Leach, Sue M Powell, and Charlotte L Bevan
New roles for nuclear receptors in prostate cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T85-T108 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Hannah Nieto and Kristien Boelaert
Thyroid-stimulating hormone in thyroid cancer: does it matter?
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T109-T121 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Zsofia Kiss and Paramita M Ghosh
Circadian rhythmicity and the influence of ‘clock’ genes on prostate cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T123-T134 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Marianne E Pavel and Christine Sers
Systemic therapies in neuroendocrine tumors and novel approaches toward personalized medicine
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T135-T154 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
C Ricciardelli, N A Lokman, M P Ween, and M K Oehler
Ovarian cancer–peritoneal cell interactions promote extracellular matrix processing
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T155-T168 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Thomas J Sweet and Angela H Ting
Diverse functions of DNA methylation: implications for prostate cancer and beyond
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T169-T178 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Ioulia Chatzistamou and Hippokratis Kiaris
Modeling estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers in mice: is it the best we can do?
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 C9-C12 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Vincenzo Marotta, Concetta Sciammarella, Annamaria Colao, and Antongiulio Faggiano
Application of molecular biology of differentiated thyroid cancer for clinical prognostication
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R499-R515 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Iman Azimi and Gregory R Monteith
Plasma membrane ion channels and epithelial to mesenchymal transition in cancer cells
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R517-R525 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Aleksandra M Ochnik and Robert C Baxter
Combination therapy approaches to target insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling in breast cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R527-R550 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Anita Hokken-Koelega, Aart-Jan van der Lely, Berthold Hauffa, Gabriele Hausler, Gudmundur Johannsson, Mohamad Maghnie, Jesus Argente, Jean DeSchepper, Helena Gleeson, John W Gregory, Charlotte Hoybye, Fahrettin Kelestimur, Anton Luger, Hermann L Muller, Sebastian Neggers, Vera Popovic-Brkic, Eleonora Porcu, Lars Savendahl, Stephen Shalet, Bessie Spiliotis, and Maithe Tauber
Bridging the gap: metabolic and endocrine care of patients during transition
Endocrine Connections 5 R44-R54 (November 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Laurence Amar, Charlotte Lussey-Lepoutre, Jacques W M Lenders, Juliette Djadi-Prat, Pierre-Francois Plouin, and Olivier Steichen
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Recurrence or new tumors after complete resection of pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas: a systematic review and meta-analysis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R135-R145 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Cesar Luiz Boguszewski and John Ayuk
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Acromegaly and cancer: an old debate revisited
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R147-R156 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Renato Pasquali, Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis, and Alessandra Gambineri
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Secondary polycystic ovary syndrome: theoretical and practical aspects
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R157-R169 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Vladimir Vasilev, Liliya Rostomyan, Adrian F Daly, Iulia Potorac, Sabina Zacharieva, Jean-François Bonneville, and Albert Beckers
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Pituitary 'incidentaloma': neuroradiological assessment and differential diagnosis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R171-R184 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Vimal Selvaraj and Lan N Tu
Current status and future perspectives: TSPO in steroid neuroendocrinology
Journal of Endocrinology 231 R1-R30 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Bernard Freudenthal, John Logan, Sanger Institute Mouse Pipelines, Peter I Croucher, Graham R Williams, and J H Duncan Bassett
Rapid phenotyping of knockout mice to identify genetic determinants of bone strength
Journal of Endocrinology 231 R31-R46 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Jessica Sabourin and Florent Allagnat
Store-operated Ca2 entry: a key component of the insulin secretion machinery
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 F35-F39 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Fadil M Hannan, Valerie N Babinsky, and Rajesh V Thakker
Disorders of the calcium-sensing receptor and partner proteins: insights into the molecular basis of calcium homeostasis
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R127-R142 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

William D Foulkes and Kokichi Sugano
BRCA2: a grown-up cancer susceptibility gene
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 E1-E3 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Amélie Fradet-Turcotte, Justine Sitz, Damien Grapton, and Alexandre Orthwein
BRCA2 functions: from DNA repair to replication fork stabilization
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T1-t17 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Yoko Katsuki and Minoru Takata
Defects in homologous recombination repair behind the human diseases: FA and HBOC
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T19-T37 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Kiranjit K Dhillon, Ilirjana Bajrami, Toshiyasu Taniguchi, and Christopher J Lord
Synthetic lethality: the road to novel therapies for breast cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T39-T55 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Louis de Mestier, Jean-Baptiste Danset, Cindy Neuzillet, Vinciane Rebours, Jérôme Cros, Nadem Soufir, and Pascal Hammel
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma in BRCA2 mutation carriers
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T57-T67 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Roger L Milne and Antonis C Antoniou
Modifiers of breast and ovarian cancer risks for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 T69-T84 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Ravi Kumar Dutta, Peter Söderkvist, and Oliver Gimm
Genetics of primary hyperaldosteronism
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R437-R454 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Ju-Yeon Moon, Man Ho Choi, and Jayoung Kim
Metabolic profiling of cholesterol and sex steroid hormones to monitor urological diseases
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R455-R467 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

S Latteyer, V Tiedje, B Schilling, and D Führer
Perspectives for immunotherapy in endocrine cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R469-R484 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Elisabetta Pietri, Vincenza Conteduca, Daniele Andreis, Ilaria Massa, Elisabetta Melegari, Samanta Sarti, Lorenzo Cecconetto, Alessio Schirone, Sara Bravaccini, Patrizia Serra, Anna Fedeli, Roberta Maltoni, Dino Amadori, Ugo De Giorgi, and Andrea Rocca
Androgen receptor signaling pathways as a target for breast cancer treatment
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R485-R498 (October 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Metaxia Tampourlou, Raluca Trifanescu, Alessandro Paluzzi, Shahzada K Ahmed, and Niki Karavitaki
THERAPY OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Surgery in microprolactinomas: effectiveness and risks based on contemporary literature
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R89-R96 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Eliana P Araujo, Juliana C Moraes, Dennys E Cintra, and Licio A Velloso
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Hypothalamic inflammation and nutrition
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R97-R105 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Sophie Bensing, Anna-Lena Hulting, Eystein S Husebye, Olle Kämpe, and Kristian Løvås
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Epidemiology, quality of life and complications of primary adrenal insufficiency: a review
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R107-R116 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Irene Campi, Guia Vannucchi, and Mario Salvi
THERAPY OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Endocrine dilemma: management of Graves' orbitopathyEuropean Journal of Endocrinology 175 R117–R133 (September 2016)
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R117-R133 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Menghong Yan and Qiwei Zhai
Sperm tsRNAs and acquired metabolic disorders
Journal of Endocrinology 230 F13-F18 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Paige V Bauer and Frank A Duca
Targeting the gastrointestinal tract to treat type 2 diabetes
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R95-R113 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Urszula T Iwaniec and Russell T Turner
Influence of body weight on bone mass, architecture and turnover
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R115-R130 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Arthur Varoquaux, Electron Kebebew, Fréderic Sebag, Katherine Wolf, Jean-François Henry, Karel Pacak, and David Taïeb
Endocrine tumors associated with the vagus nerve
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R371-R379 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Laura A Baker, Holly Holliday, and Alexander Swarbrick
ID4 controls luminal lineage commitment in normal mammary epithelium and inhibits BRCA1 function in basal-like breast cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R381-R392 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Sakine Sever, Donna L White, and José M Garcia
Is there an effect of ghrelin/ghrelin analogs on cancer? A systematic review
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R393-R409 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Carlos Cardenas, Ayesha B Alvero, Bo Seong Yun, and Gil Mor
Redefining the origin and evolution of ovarian cancer: a hormonal connection
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R411-R422 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Georgios K Dimitriadis, Martin O Weickert, Harpal S Randeva, Gregory Kaltsas, and Ashley Grossman
Medical management of secretory syndromes related to gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R423-R436 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Huguette S Brink, Aart Jan van der Lely, and Joke van der Linden
The potential role of biomarkers in predicting gestational diabetes
Endocrine Connections 5 R26-R34 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Dirk Weismann, Andreas Schneider, and Charlotte Hoybye
Clinical aspects of symptomatic hyponatremia
Endocrine Connections 5 R35-R43 (September 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Clinicl Practice Guideline
Martin Fassnacht, Wiebke Arlt, Irina Bancos, Henning Dralle, John Newell-Price, Anju Sahdev, Antoine Tabarin, Massimo Terzolo, Stylianos Tsagarakis, and Olaf M Dekkers
Management of adrenal incidentalomas: European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline in collaboration with the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumors
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 G1-G34 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Jacqueline Dinnes, Irina Bancos, Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano, Vasileios Chortis, Clare Davenport, Susan Bayliss, Anju Sahdev, Peter Guest, Martin Fassnacht, Jonathan J Deeks, and Wiebke Arlt
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Imaging for the diagnosis of malignancy in incidentally discovered adrenal masses: a systematic review and meta-analysis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R51-R64 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Irina Bancos, Shrikant Tamhane, Muhammad Shah, Danae A Delivanis, Fares Alahdab, Wiebke Arlt, Martin Fassnacht, and M Hassan Murad
DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: The diagnostic performance of adrenal biopsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R65-R80 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Stuart A Morgan, Zaki K Hassan-Smith, and Gareth G Lavery
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Tissue-specific activation of cortisol in Cushing’s syndrome
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R81-R87 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Jaroslav Kuneš, Veronika Pražienková, Andrea Popelová, Barbora Mikulášková, Jana Zemenová, and Lenka Maletínská
Prolactin-releasing peptide: a new tool for obesity treatment
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R51-R58 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Michael C Velarde and Ramkumar Menon
Positive and negative effects of cellular senescence during female reproductive aging and pregnancy
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R59-R76 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Yolanda Diz-Chaves, Manuel Gil-Lozano, Laura Toba, Juan Fandiño, Hugo Ogando, Lucas C González-Matías, and Federico Mallo
Stressing diabetes? The hidden links between insulinotropic peptides and the HPA axis
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R77-R94 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Rosalia C M Simmen and Angela S Kelley
Reversal of fortune: estrogen receptor-β in endometriosis
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 F23-F27 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Ayse Elif Erson-Bensan
Alternative polyadenylation and RNA-binding proteins
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 F29-F34 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Suzy Markossian and Frédéric Flamant
CRISPR/Cas9: a breakthrough in generating mouse models for endocrinologists
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R81-R92 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Haihua Yang and Linghai Yang
Targeting cAMP/PKA pathway for glycemic control and type 2 diabetes therapy
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R93-R108 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Silvia Giatti, Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, and Marzia Pesaresi
The other side of progestins: effects in the brain
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R109-R126 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Lisa Bodei, Irvin M Modlin, Markus Luster, Flavio Forrer, Marta Cremonesi, Rodney J Hicks, Samer Ezziddin, Mark Kidd, and Arturo Chiti
Myeloid neoplasms after chemotherapy and PRRT: myth and reality
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 C1-C7 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Conleth G Murphy and Maura N Dickler
Endocrine resistance in hormone-responsive breast cancer: mechanisms and therapeutic strategies
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R337-R352 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Andrea Perra, Michelina Plateroti, and Amedeo Columbano
T3/TRs axis in hepatocellular carcinoma: new concepts for an old pair
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R353-R369 (August 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Eva Boonen and Greet Van den Berghe
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: New concepts to further unravel adrenal insufficiency during critical illness
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R1-R9 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Moe Thuzar and Ken K Y Ho
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Brown adipose tissue in humans: regulation and metabolic significance
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R11-R25 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Andrea Salzano, Michele Arcopinto, Alberto M Marra, Emanuele Bobbio, Daniela Esposito, Giacomo Accardo, Francesco Giallauria, Eduardo Bossone, Carlo Vigorito, Andrea Lenzi, Daniela Pasquali, Andrea M Isidori, and Antonio Cittadini
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Klinefelter syndrome, cardiovascular system, and thromboembolic disease: review of literature and clinical perspectives
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R27-R40 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

J S Carroll
EJE PRIZE 2016: Mechanisms of oestrogen receptor (ER) gene regulation in breast cancer
European Journal of Endocrinology 175 R41-R49 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Norbert Gleicher, Vitaly A Kushnir, David F Albertini, and David H Barad
Improvements in IVF in women of advanced age
Journal of Endocrinology 230 F1-F6 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Ding Xie and Wendy B Bollag
Obesity, hypertension and aldosterone: is leptin the link?
Journal of Endocrinology 230 F7-F11 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Anthony H Tsang, Mariana Astiz, Maureen Friedrichs, and Henrik Oster
Endocrine regulation of circadian physiology
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R1-R11 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Jennifer A Evans
Collective timekeeping among cells of the master circadian clock
Journal of Endocrinology 230 R27-R49 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Ylenia Perone and Luca Magnani
Going off the grid: ERα breast cancer beyond estradiol
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 F1-F5 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Focused Review
Aurelie Nguyen Dinh Cat, Malou Friederich-Persson, Anna White, and Rhian M Touyz
Adipocytes, aldosterone and obesity-related hypertension
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 F7-F21 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Kira Meyerovich, Fernanda Ortis, Florent Allagnat, and Alessandra K Cardozo
Endoplasmic reticulum stress and the unfolded protein response in pancreatic islet inflammation
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R1-R17 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Hong Zhao, Ling Zhou, Anna Junjie Shangguan, and Serdar E Bulun
Aromatase expression and regulation in breast and endometrial cancer
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R19-R33 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Douglas A Gibson, Ioannis Simitsidellis, and Philippa T K Saunders
Regulation of androgen action during establishment of pregnancy
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R35-R47 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Christopher E Wall, Ruth T Yu, Anne R Atkins, Michael Downes, and Ronald M Evans
Nuclear receptors and AMPK: can exercise mimetics cure diabetes?
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R49-R58 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Gunnar Kleinau, Anne Müller, and Heike Biebermann
Oligomerization of GPCRs involved in endocrine regulation
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 57 R59-R80 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Kiyoshi Ito, Yasuhiro Miki, Takashi Suzuki, Keely May McNamara, and Hironobu Sasano
In situ androgen and estrogen biosynthesis in endometrial cancer: focus on androgen actions and intratumoral production
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R323-R335 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Benedetta Zampetti, Erika Grossrubatscher, Paolo Dalino Ciaramella, Edoardo Boccardi, and Paola Loli
Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling
Endocrine Connections 5 R12-R25 (July 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Frederic Castinetti, Rachel Reynaud, Alexandru Saveanu, Nicolas Jullien, Marie Helene Quentien, Claire Rochette, Anne Barlier, Alain Enjalbert, and Thierry Brue
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: An update in the genetic aetiologies of combined pituitary hormone deficiency
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R239-R247 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Simon Faillot and Guillaume Assie
ENDOCRINE TUMOURS: The genomics of adrenocortical tumors
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R249-R265 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Andrew A Dwyer, Taneli Raivio, and Nelly Pitteloud
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Reversible hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R267-R274 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Joakim Crona and Britt Skogseid
GEP-NETs UPDATE: Genetics of neuroendocrine tumors
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R275-R290 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Sophie A Clarke and Waljit S Dhillo
Kisspeptin across the human lifespan:evidence from animal studies and beyond
Journal of Endocrinology 229 R83-R98 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Haijiang Wu, Xinna Deng, Yonghong Shi, Ye Su, Jinying Wei, and Huijun Duan
PGC-1α, glucose metabolism and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Journal of Endocrinology 229 R99-R115 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Taeko Nishiwaki-Ohkawa and Takashi Yoshimura
Molecular basis for regulating seasonal reproduction in vertebrates
Journal of Endocrinology 229 R117-R127 (June 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Eduardo Esteban-Zubero, Francisco Agustín García-Gil, Laura López-Pingarrón, Moisés Alejandro Alatorre-Jiménez, Pablo Iñigo-Gil, Dun-Xian Tan, José Joaquín García, and Russel J Reiter
Potential benefits of melatonin in organ transplantation: a review
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Endocrine neoplasms in familial syndromes of hyperparathyroidism
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In touch with your feminine side: how oestrogen metabolism impacts prostate cancer
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Evaluation of the methods to identify patients who may benefit from PARP inhibitor use
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New drugs for medullary thyroid cancer: new promises?
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Clinical Practice Guideline
P F Plouin, L Amar, O M Dekkers, M Fassnacht, A P Gimenez-Roqueplo, J W M Lenders, C Lussey-Lepoutre, O Steichen, and on behalf of the Guideline Working Group
European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline for long-term follow-up of patients operated on for a phaeochromocytoma or a paraganglioma
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MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Metabolic and inflammatory pathways on the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes
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GENETICS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Gain and loss of function mutations of the calcium-sensing receptor and associated proteins: current treatment concepts
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R189-R208 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

R K Semple
EJE PRIZE 2015: How does insulin resistance arise, and how does it cause disease? Human genetic lessons
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MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Alternative splicing: the new frontier in diabetes research
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The first decade of estrogen receptor cistromics in breast cancer
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GLP2: an underestimated signal for improving glycaemic control and insulin sensitivity
Journal of Endocrinology 229 R57-R66 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Insulin resistance and sarcopenia: mechanistic links between common co-morbidities
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Adrian J L Clark and Philip Lowry
60 YEARS OF POMC: POMC: the consummate peptide hormone precursor
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 E1-E2 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Philip Lowry
60 YEARS OF POMC: Purification and biological characterisation of melanotrophins and corticotrophins
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T1-T12 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
D G Smyth
60 YEARS OF POMC: Lipotropin and beta-endorphin: a perspective
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T13-T25 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Adrian J L Clark
60 YEARS OF POMC: The proopiomelanocortin gene: discovery, deletion and disease
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T27-T37 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Andrew B Bicknell
60 YEARS OF POMC: N-terminal POMC peptides and adrenal growth
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T39-T48 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
 Michel Chrétien and Majambu Mbikay
60 YEARS OF POMC: From the prohormone theory to pro-opiomelanocortin and to proprotein convertases (PCSK1 to PCSK9)
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T49-T62 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Dhivya Kumar, Richard E Mains, and Betty A Eipper
60 YEARS OF POMC: From POMC and α-MSH to PAM, molecular oxygen, copper, and vitamin C
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T63-T76 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
 Niamh X Cawley, Zhaojin Li, and Y Peng Loh
60 YEARS OF POMC: Biosynthesis, trafficking, and secretion of pro-opiomelanocortin-derived peptides
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T67-T97 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Jacques Drouin
60 YEARS OF POMC: Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of POMC gene expression
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T99-T112 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Sandra Navarro, Lucia Soletto, Sara Puchol, Josep Rotllant, Jose Luis Soengas, and Jose Miguel Cerdá-Reverter
60 YEARS OF POMC: POMC: an evolutionary perspective
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T113-T118 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Robert M Dores, Liang Liang, Perry Davis, Alexa L Thomas, and Bogdana Petko
60 YEARS OF POMC: Melanocortin receptors: evolution of ligand selectivity for melanocortin peptides
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T119-T133 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Nicole Gallo-Payet
60 YEARS OF POMC: Adrenal and extra-adrenal functions of ACTH
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 T135-T156 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Thematic Review
Erica J P Anderson, Isin Çakir, Sheridan J Carrington, Roger D Cone, Masoud Ghamari-Langroudi, Taneisha Gillyard, Luis E Gimenez, and Michael J Litt
60 YEARS OF POMC: Regulation of feeding and energy homeostasis by α-MSH
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Nancy E Davidson
Serendipity and purpose
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 P1-P3 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Androgen control of lipid metabolism in prostate cancer: novel insights and future applications
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R219-R227 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Growth hormone deficiency during young adulthood and the benefits of growth hormone replacement
Endocrine Connections 5 R1-R11 (May 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Mechanisms and evaluation of bone fragility in type 1 diabetes mellitus
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R127-R138 (April 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Priscilla K Brastianos and Sandro Santagata
ENDOCRINE TUMORS: BRAF V600E mutations in papillary craniopharyngioma
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Jan M Wit, Wilma Oostdijk, Monique Losekoot, Hermine A van Duyvenvoorde, Claudia A L Ruivenkamp, and Sarina G Kant
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Novel genetic causes of short stature
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R145-R173 (April 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Androgen receptor (AR) in cardiovascular diseases
Journal of Endocrinology 229 R1-R16 (April 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Glucocorticoid receptors in lung cancer: new perspectives
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Role of phospholipases in adrenal steroidogenesis
Journal of Endocrinology 229 R29-R41 (April 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Inna Astapova
Role of co-regulators in metabolic and transcriptional actions of thyroid hormone
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Modifications to glucocorticoid and progesterone receptors alter cell fate in breast cancer
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Regulation of liver development: implications for liver biology across the lifespan
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Mechanisms of uterine estrogen signaling during early pregnancy in mice: an update
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Novel mechanisms for DHEA action
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Treatment of advanced thyroid cancer with targeted therapies: ten years of experience
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R185-R205 (April 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Clonal origin and spread of metastatic prostate cancer
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John Eden
ENDOCRINE DILEMMA: Managing menopausal symptoms after breast cancer
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R71-R77 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Long-term outcomes of the treatment of central precocious puberty
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Anna Wójcicka, Monika Kolanowska, and Krystian Jażdżewski
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: MicroRNA in diagnostics and therapy of thyroid cancer
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Giovanni Corona, Vito A Giagulli, Elisa Maseroli, Linda Vignozzi, Antonio Aversa, Michael Zitzmann, Farid Saad, Edoardo Mannucci, and Mario Maggi
THERAPY OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Testosterone supplementation and body composition: results from a meta-analysis study
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R99-R116 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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The pituitary TGFβ1 system as a novel target for the treatment of resistant prolactinomas
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R73-R83 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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The role of bile acids in metabolic regulation
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R85-R96 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Current understanding of metformin effect on the control of hyperglycemia in diabetes
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R97-R106 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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TERT promoter mutations in thyroid cancer
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R143-R155 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Methylated circulating tumor DNA in blood: power in cancer prognosis and response
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Maria Chiara Zatelli, Giuseppe Fanciulli, Pasqualino Malandrino, Valeria Ramundo, Antongiulio Faggiano, Annamaria Colao, and on behalf of NIKE Group
Predictive factors of response to mTOR inhibitors in neuroendocrine tumours
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R173-R183 (March 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Position Statement
D B Allen, P Backeljauw, M Bidlingmaier, B M K Biller, M Boguszewski, P Burman, G Butler, K Chihara, J Christiansen, S Cianfarani, P Clayton, D Clemmons, P Cohen, F Darendeliler, C Deal, D Dunger, E M Erfurth, J S Fuqua, A Grimberg, M Haymond, C Higham, K Ho, A R Hoffman, A Hokken-Koelega, G Johannsson, A Juul, J Kopchick, P Lee, M Pollak, S Radovick, L Robison, R Rosenfeld, R J Ross, L Savendahl, P Saenger, H Toft Sorensen, K Stochholm, C Strasburger, A Swerdlow, and M Thorner
GH safety workshop position paper: a critical appraisal of recombinant human GH therapy in children and adults
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 P1-P9 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Eleonore Fröhlich and Richard Wahl
MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Impact of isolated TSH levels in and out of normal range on different tissues
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R29-R41 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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ENDOCRINOLOGY OF PREGNANCY: Gestational diabetes mellitus: definition, aetiological and clinical aspects
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DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: High-yield thyroid fine-needle aspiration cytology: an update focused on ancillary techniques improving its accuracy
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R53-R63 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Ze'ev Hochberg
DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: On the need for national-, racial-, or ethnic-specific standards for the assessment of bone maturation
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R65-R70 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Christopher A Price
Mechanisms of fibroblast growth factor signaling in the ovarian follicle
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R31-R43 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Almas R Juma, Pauliina E Damdimopoulou, Sylvia V H Grommen, Wim J M Van de Ven, and Bert De Groef
Emerging role of PLAG1 as a regulator of growth and reproduction
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R45-R56 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Microvesicles and exosomes: new players in metabolic and cardiovascular disease
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R57-R71 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Sumaira Z Hasnain, Johannes B Prins, and Michael A McGuckin
Oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress in β-cell dysfunction in diabetes
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 R33-R54 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Sylvia C Hewitt, Wipawee Winuthayanon, and Kenneth S Korach
What's new in estrogen receptor action in the female reproductive tract
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 R55-R71 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Ana Albero, Juliana Ester Lopéz, Alberto Torres, Luis de la Cruz, and Tomas Martín
Effectiveness of chemotherapy in advanced differentiated thyroid cancer: a systematic review
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R71-R84 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Annu Makker and Madhu Mati Goel
Tumor progression, metastasis, and modulators of epithelial–mesenchymal transition in endometrioid endometrial carcinoma: an update
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R85-R111 (February 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

M Bullock
FOXO factors and breast cancer: outfoxing endocrine resistance
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Bilateral adrenalectomy in the 21st century: when to use it for hypercortisolism?
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Imaging of the parathyroid glands in primary hyperparathyroidism
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Wieke H M Verbeek, Catharina M Korse, and Margot E T Tesselaar
GEP-NETs UPDATE: Secreting gastro-enteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours and biomarkers
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R1-R7 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

F Castinetti, D Taieb, J F Henry, M Walz, C Guerin, T Brue, B Conte-Devolx, H P H Neumann, and F Sebag
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Outcome of adrenal sparing surgery in heritable pheochromocytoma
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R9-R18 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Ricard Corcelles, Christopher R Daigle, and Philip R Schauer
MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Metabolic effects of bariatric surgerypheochromocytoma
European Journal of Endocrinology 174 R19-R28 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Endocrine and other physiologic modulators of perinatal cardiomyocyte endowment
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R1-R18 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Breaking BAT: can browning create a better white?
Journal of Endocrinology 228 R19-R29 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

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Non-coding genome functions in diabetes
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 R1-R20 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Michael Welsh, Maria Jamalpour, Guangxiang Zang, and Bjorn Akerblom
The role of the Src Homology-2 domain containing protein B (SHB) in beta cells
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 56 R21-R31 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Stephen J Marx
Hyperplasia in glands with hormone excess
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R1-R14 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Casey de Rooy, Mathis Grossmann, Jeffrey D Zajac, and Ada S Cheung
Targeting muscle signaling pathways to minimize adverse effects of androgen deprivation
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R15-R26 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

Krystallenia I Alexandraki, Gregory A Kaltsas, Simona Grozinsky-Glasberg, Eleftherios Chatzellis, and Ashley B Grossman
Appendiceal neuroendocrine neoplasms: diagnosis and management
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R27-R41 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]

S G Creemers, L J Hofland, E Korpershoek, G J H Franssen, F J van Kemenade, W W de Herder, and R A Feelders
Future directions in the diagnosis and medical treatment of adrenocortical carcinoma
Endocrine-Related Cancer 23 R43-R69 (January 2016) [Abstract/FREE full text]