The pioneers never have it easy - venturing far doesn’t guarantee there is a worthy reward waiting at the end of the journey. Yet, the select few who brave the unknown and come back with the Promethean flame are relied on by the many who are warmed by its glow.

The goal of the EndoCompass project is to create opportunities for the pioneers of endocrine science — because their success means better endocrine health for all.

The EndoCompass Roadmap is set to outline the specific research needs and opportunities in areas of endocrine health and disease that, when addressed in future research calls and funding programs, will contribute to better health in Europe. The first audience are going to be European and national research and health policymakers and funding bodies, the leading sources of research funding in Europe.

We also anticipate additional benefits from this project:

  • Articulating the research priorities in service of other funding mechanisms
  • Demonstrating the attractiveness of research in endocrinology to young researchers
  • Aligning the endocrine community around a common vision of research priorities
  • Identifying clinical priorities
  • Crafting a clear vision for other stakeholders around areas of high medical need and development opportunities

The EndoCompass Roadmap aims to reflect the research needs of the entire European endocrine community. Driven by the engagement of the ESE Focus Area Leads and experts and the collaboration of the ESE affiliated partner societies in the area of endocrine health and disease, the Roadmap will pass through a phase of comprehensive expert consultations, discussions on research gaps and needs, and the development of specific recommendations. The engagement of the broader community in a consultation process will be sought as the Research Roadmap draft becomes available.

The final deliverables of the project will be:

  1. Detailed research roadmaps for different areas of endocrine science, ultimately released as one or several scientific publications
  2. A research and health policy oriented summary that outlines to policy and funding stakeholders how investment in research in endocrinology can provide high societal returns
  3. A communication and outreach platform for respective target audiences

This page will be continually updated with new information about the project, following along with its development in real time.

The project is formally owned by the ESE Science Committee under the leadership of Prof Eleanor Davies and Prof M. Fassnacht, with a supervisory Steering Group with engagement of members of the ESE Executive Committee, chaired by Prof M. Reincke and J. Bertherat, respectively President and President-Elect of ESE, and ESPE Executive Committee, chaired by Prof Anita Hokken and Martine Cools, respectively President and Science Committee Chair, under whose mandates the project will develop.

If you want to get involved in crafting the vision for the future of endocrine research, you can contact the Roadmap project manager, dr. Srđan Pandurević, at

Project Steering Group

  • Martin Fassnacht, project clinical co-lead
  • Eleanor Davies, project basic co-lead
  • Anita Hokken
  • Jérôme Bertherat
  • Martine Cools
  • Evelien Gevers
  • Martin Reincke
  • Robin Peeters
  • Simona Glasberg
  • Felix Beuschlein
  • Cynthia Andoniadou
  • Anton Luger
  • Alberto Pereira
  • Volkan Yumuk

EndoCompass Project