Clinical Committee

Chair: Jérôme Bertherat 

Committee Remit

  • To advance quality and equality of patient care in endocrinology across Europe (in liaison with UEMS).
  • To support all healthcare professionals (clinicians, specialist nurses and allied professions) delivering patient care.
  • To play a leading role in the development of guidelines for optimal management of endocrine disorders.
  • To give guidance on matters in clinical endocrinology, including ethical issues and best practice.
  • To support clinical research in Europe, with a special focus on supporting endocrinologists in less-advantaged countries.
  • To manage ESE’s input into European databases/registries for rare endocrine disorders.
  • To participate in the development and maintenance of audits of endocrine and diabetic practice in Europe.
  • To support the ESE Education Committee on clinical education activities in endocrinology, as required.
  • To liaise with the ESE Science Committee as necessary.
  • To provide input on scientific symposia and other conference and training sessions.
  • To work with the ESE media representative and ESE Secretariat to ensure adequate and appropriate representation of clinical endocrinology in the media.

Committee Membership

  • Jérôme Bertherat (France) Chair 2015 to 2019
  • Claus Hojbjerg Gravholt (Denmark) 2015 to 2019
  • Claudio Marcocci (Italy) 2017 to 2021
  • Elisabeth Rutten (Belgium) 2017 to 2021
  • Eystein Husebye (Norway) 2017 to 2021
  • Miklós Tóth (Hungary) 2016 to 2020

Ex-Officio Members

  • Anton Luger (Austria) UEMS, co-terminous with office
  • AJ van der Lely (The Netherlands) President, co-terminous with office
  • Andrea Giustina (Italy) President-Elect, co-terminous with office

Co-opted Members

  • Olaf Dekkers (The Netherlands) 2017 to 2019
  • Gesthimani Mintziori (Greece) 2016 to 2018

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