ESE Young Endocrinologists & Scientists (EYES) Committee

Chairs: Ljiljana Marina and Ayse Zengin

Committee Remit

  • To communicate the opinions, suggestions and expectations of early career endocrinologists to ESE.
  • To report on activities such as meetings and symposia for inclusion in the ESE Newsletter.
  • To organise a session at the annual ECE.
  • To liaise with other early career endocrine groups.
  • The Executive Committee member is required to liaise with the ESE Executive Committee regarding suggestions for future members of the EYES Committee.

Committee Membership

  • Ljiljana Marina (Serbia) Co-Chair 2018 to 2020
  • Ayse Zengin (Australia) Co-Chair 2019 to 2021
  • Luis Cardoso (Portugal) Treasurer 2016-2020
  • Daniele Santi (Italy) Secretary 2019-2022
  • Peter Aldiss (UK) Webmaster 2017-2021
  • Eva Coopmans (Netherlands) Career Development 2019-2022
  • Stavroula Paschou (Greece) Communications 2019-2022
  • Antoan Sojat (Serbia) Career Development 2020-2024

EYES Newsletter Editorial Board

  • Ljiljana Marina: Editor
  • Ayse Zengin: Copy Editor
  • Phil McBride: Copy Editor
  • Antoan Sojat: Designer
  • Walter Vena: Designer
  • Stavroula Paschou: Editorial board member
  • Eva Coopmans: Editorial board member
  • Juan Manuel Jiménez Vacas: Editorial board member


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