How ESE is Funded

The following funding model has been deemed suitable for participating in EMA activities, acting in the interests of European patients, consumers and healthcare professionals. This evaluation was completed with reference to ESE funding for the 2021 financial year.

ESE is funded through a number of industry and non-industry sources:

  • Membership – individual
  • Membership – Corporate – See all our Corporate members
  • Revenue generated by ESE owned journal ‘European Journal of Endocrinology
  • Revenue from industry into ECE and other educational programmes, principally through support of satellite sessions and exhibition stands and unrestricted educational grants in support of postgraduate education 
  • The list of all industry and non-industry revenue sources in 2021 are listed below: 
  1. Ace Pharmaceuticals BV
  2. Addisons Disease Self Help Group (joint with CAH)
  3. Advanced Accelerator Applications France
  4. Alexion
  5. AMEND
  6. Amryt Pharmaceuticals DAC
  7. Ascendis Pharma
  8. Chiasma
  9. Clinical Endocrinology Trust
  10. Covidien AG
  11. Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc
  12. Diurnal Limited
  13. HRA Pharma rare diseases
  14. Inozyme Pharma
  15. International Medical Press
  16. Ipsen
  17. ITM Solution Gmbh
  18. King, Campbell & Friends (on behalf of Advanz Pharma)
  19. Kyowa kirin
  20. Novo Nordisk Health Care AG
  21. Parathyroid UK
  22. Pfizer Ltd
  23. Recordati AG
  24. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd
  25. Soleno Therapeutics
  26. Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG
  27. Thyroid Federation International
  28. Uni Pharma Kleon Tsetis
  29. World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO)
  • Of the revenue into ESE in the 2021 accounts 47.3% was provided by industry.
  • The highest contribution from a single company represented 15% of the industry revenue and 7.1% of ESE revenue overall.