The European Society of Endocrinology provides a support network and resources for endocrine nurses based in Europe. We aim to develop the role of endocrine nurses and raise the profile of endocrine nursing throughout Europe.

In order to strengthen communication with this key audience, endocrine nurses are represented with an official ex-offico role on the Executive Committee and through the Nurse Committee reporting into the Clinical Committee.


Sharing expertise and providing endocrine nurses across Europe with support and resources to advance their role and practice.


  • Promote professional development, continuing education and advanced practice of endocrine nurses across Europe
  • Promote collaboration and close working between paediatric and adult endocrine nurses
  • Support nurses to develop their clinical practice and provide a platform for sharing expertise and evidence-based practice related to patient care in endocrinology
  • Provide opportunities and introduce nurses to colleagues who can facilitate field visits and clinical placements in different European countries 
  • Promote education and training for endocrine nurses, promote attendance at the ECE annual meetings and encourage nurses to be actively involved in developing the ECE Nurse Programme and other educational resources
  • Promote collaboration between health professionals and support endocrine nurses to raise their profile as vital members of the multidisciplinary team
  • Support endocrine nurses in promoting and disseminating their work through conference presentations and publications
  • Establish close working relationships with Endocrine and Diabetes Professional Nurse Groups aiming to promote ESE activities and share best practice with colleagues worldwide.