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Strategic Partnerships

Leadership Team: Dirk De Rijdt

Dirk De Rijdt: Director of Strategic Partnerships

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, my key objective is to support ESE in its ambitions to advance endocrinology and the interests of its members and the patients it stands for. In my function the interaction and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is a key element in developing and generating support for our offering to our members and stakeholders. This support also includes building a solid and sustainable financial basis that allows ESE to grow and fulfill its educational and clinical strategies and projects.

Natalie Dass: Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, I work to secure the ongoing stability of the Society to enable delivery of its various educational activities and programmes. My main focus is on developing and expanding partnerships with ESE’s existing Corporate Members, as well as in establishing relationships with new companies with a stated or potential interest in endocrinology.

Mischa Van Eimeren: EU Liaison Officer

As EU Liaison Officer I support ESE in further developing their profile at the EU level and shaping their input to the political debate around issues relevant for the ESE Community while extending the ESE (political) network at the European and Global level. Another key aspect of my work is informing the ESE Community about the many existing EU Funding Opportunities out there. If you would like to exchange views on the role Public Affairs should play within ESE or have any other questions or comments on this subject, do not hesitate to contact me.

Srđan Pandurević: Research Roadmap Project Manager

Working hard to improve the endocrine research landscape in Europe. I am a medical doctor with a background in clinical endocrinology research.

Governance, Finance and Office Team



Governance, Finance and Office

Leadership Team: Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis: Head of Governance, Finance and Office

I have been working with ESE since its launch in 2006. In this time, I have been involved in all activities of the Society, from committee formation and management, membership activities, overview of the congress and training courses, communications including the website, newsletters and email alerts. This experience has provided a solid foundation which now enables me to provide the effective delivery of governance, financial management and procedures for the Society.

Gay Lombard: Governance Officer

As the Governance Officer, I provide support across the governance processes, including overseeing committee management, supporting the Executive Committee, managing the ESE Awards programme and ensuring that records are maintained and kept up to date.

Hayley Mclay: Finance Manager

The Finance Team supports ESE in its endeavour to achieve its charitable objectives and strategy by providing timely and reliable financial information according to its Financial Controls Policy. As Finance Manager, I am responsible the day-to-day financial function of the Society and ensuring that our financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth. I have 18+ years of experience working in various finance positions, with the last 8 years being in the charity sector working with ESE and other Societies in the field of endocrinology.

Shireen Ali: Finance Executive

As the Finance Executive, I provide support for all aspects of the financial functions including accounts payable and receivables, reporting and audit requirements.

Scientific Programmes Team



Scientific Programmes

Leadership Team: Vicki Di Guisto

Vicki Di Guisto: Head of Scientific Programmes

In my role as Head of Scientific Programmes my key responsibilities encompass a wide range of projects and roles which facilitate the society’s clinical, educational and research activities. I work closely with the ESE committees, managing the projects and programmes undertaken; along with developing the scientific educational events and supporting the production of clinical guidelines. I welcome any comments or interest in our Scientific programmes.

Magdalena Klimontowska: Scientific Programmes Project Manager

In my role as Scientific Programmes Project Manager I work on the educational, research and patient advocacy projects of ESE. I work closely with other members of ESE Scientific Programmes team to support the projects of ESE committees and the educational events. If you have any comments or questions with regards to the scientific projects, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Pedro Marques: Scientific Programmes Project Manager

As Scientific Programmes Project Manager, I support ESE in the development of the clinical, educational and research projects. Within the ESE Scientific Programmes Department, I work closely with the Committees and Focus Areas to organise and deliver high-quality educational events, activities and projects. My experience as an Endocrinologist and as a Researcher is an asset to undertake these tasks.

Claire Arrigoni: Event Manager

As ESE's Event Manager I look after a range of activities associated with running ESE events including; registration, speakers and programmes, abstracts/cases, websites and marketing, event budgets, travel and everything in between to ensure each event is running to schedule. I have worked with ESE since 2011 on the congress. I now work directly with ESE to manage the other ESE events including the Post-graduate training courses, EuroPit, Summer School, PARAT, ESE Clinical Update, and more recently the ESE Talks webinar series, and turning the ESE events digital.

Giulia Esposito: Event Executive (Sponsorship and Exhibition Focus)

Originally from Naples, Italy, I bring more than 10 years’ experience in the events industry to the ESE team. In particular, I will be working on some of ESE events and webinars including: registration, speakers and programme management, abstracts/cases, websites and marketing, travel and everything in between to ensure each event is successful. My experience in sponsorship and exhibition sales will be important when helping to deliver the sponsorship and exhibition services at the Congress. I hope that I will help ESE to continue to create long lasting relationships with our industry sponsors.

Leonie van Hulsteijn: ESE Clinical Guideline Methodologist

In my role as Clinical Guideline Methodology Post-doc I support ESE in the development and production of ESE Clinical Practice Guidelines. For this I combine training in methodology with my clinical experience as internist-endocrinologist. My key objective is to advance the ESE Clinical Guideline programme according to the Society’s objectives.

Membership, Marketing and Communications Team

Membership, Marketing and Communications

Leadership Team: Victoria Withy

Victoria Withy: Head of Membership, Marketing and Communications

My key role is to ensure that all ESE's marketing and communications activities are cohesive and focused as well as support and enhance the Society's mission, objectives and activities for both our members and stakeholders as well as the overall area of endocrinology. I have responsibility for managing the memberships of the Society and ensuring all our Members get the most of their membership of ESE. I have a wealth of experience (25+yeras) in the area of charity, association and life sciences conferences and marketing (Chartered Marketer - MCIM), communications and PR, along with marketing experience in FMCG, Venues and agencies through a variety of management roles . I am a New Zealand national, based in Scotland. I welcome your thoughts, comments and ideas around how we can enhance our marketing and membership activities.

Helen Williams: Membership Manager

As Membership Manager for ESE, I ensure that all our members receive the best possible service from the Society and that all members make the most of their membership benefits, including grants. Please do contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Martin Goodman: Membership Executive

As the Membership Executive I provide support for all aspects of ESE’s membership programme. If you have any ideas and feedback about our membership activities then please get in touch!

Janice Clay: Senior Marketing Executive

As Senior Marketing Executive I support the planning, coordination and delivery of ESE’s marketing, communications and membership engagement activities in line with ESE’s strategy. I am a CIM qualified marketer with diverse experience across a variety of sectors. My responsibilities cover implementing membership marketing plans, event marketing, publications, committees and communities support, website, social media and digital communications. I am based in Surrey, having previously lived in the Netherlands for a few years.

Megan Gell: Senior Marketing Executive

As Senior Marketing Executive I support the planning, coordination and delivery of ESE’s marketing, communications and membership engagement activities in line with ESE’s strategy.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any comments, feedback or questions

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