Plenary Programme

Award Lectures 

This year e-ECE 2021's rich, varied and exciting programme includes:

Geoffrey Harris Award Lecture; Complex problems often have simple solutions – let's move on from Hippocrates!

Prof John Wass (United Kingdom)

Prof Vera Popovic-Brkic (Serbia) 

European Journal of Endocrinology Award Lecture; Communication between the hypothalamus and peripheral organs in energy balance.

Prof Rubén Nogueiras Pozo (Spain) 

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Lecture; Advances on Complication and Therapy of Cushing’s Syndrome.

Prof Rosario Pivonello (Italy)

European Hormone Medal Lecture; Is Human Reproductive Health Sustainable in the 21st Century?

Prof Niels Skakkebaek (Denmark)

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Plenary Lectures

e-ECE will feature Plenary Lectures from world leading endocrinologists, including:

Plenary 1 Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition; The hard road to new therapies against diabetes and obesity 

Prof Matthias Tschöp (Germany)

Plenary  2 General; Light, Body Clocks and Sleep; Light, body clocks and sleep:  Biology to New Therapeutics 

Prof Eve Van Cauter (United States) 

Plenary 3 Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology; 1 Year in Pituitary 

Prof Clara Alvarez (Spain) 

Prof Albert Beckers (Belgium)

Plenary 4 Adrenal and Cardiovascular Neuroendocrine; Neuroendocrine stress response at single cell resolution 

Prof Alon Chen (Israel)

Plenary 5 Calcium and Bone; 1 Year in  Bone

Prof Wim Van Hul (Belgium) 

Prof Cyrus Cooper (United Kingdom)

Plenary 6 Thyroid; New advances in novel targets for thyroid cancer and thyroid cancer theragnostics 

Prof Pilar Santisteban (Spain)

Plenary 7  Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology; Central and Eastern European heritage in genetics of hypopituitarism - how the prevalent ancestral PROP 1 gene variants spread up to overseas

Dr Jan Lebl (Czech Republic)