Cancellation Terms and Conditions

In-person tickets

If you have purchased an in-person registration, you can cancel this up to and on 7 April 2022 (23:59 CEST) or exchange your ticket for an ECE@Home ticket and the difference will be refunded. Please send your request for cancellation of registration or refund in writing to ESE c/o Bioscientifica Ltd at Cancellation of registration or refund requests will be accepted until and on 7 April 2022 – cancellation requests received before this date will be subject to an administrative charge of 25% of the ticket.

Cancellations or refund requests made after 7 April 2022 (for any reason including COVID-19) will not be accepted as we will have booked all suppliers based on the registration received at that date. However, so that you still have an opportunity to access all of the content and view the selected streamed sessions online your registration will be transferred to an ECE@Home ticket and a refund for the difference in the ticket price will be made to you.

All refunds will be made after the Congress has taken place. In the case of in-person ticket cancellations after 7 April, the refunded amount will be the difference between the amount originally paid and the ticket price for the ECE@Home when the original purchase was made (i.e. if you purchased an in-person Early Bird rate ticket, you will receive a refund in the difference of an Early Bird rate ECE@Home ticket, or if you purchased a standard in-person ticket the amount refunded will be made against the standard ECE@Home ticket price).


Once your booking is confirmed for an ECE@Home ticket, and payment has been made, registration for ECE 2022 cannot be cancelled or refunded as all content will be available for you to access during and after the Congress dates on ESE On Demand.

Delegate insurance and COVID-19 requirements

If you cause damage to third parties and property you will be liable for this. Please take out valid, comprehensive third-party liability insurance.

ESE is working with all venues being used for ECE 2022 in Milan, Italy to ensure that they are working to the highest standards of COVID-19 compliance based on the local Italian regulations and that all necessary sanitation and hygiene precautions are made.

  • Delegates/group leaders are responsible for arranging appropriate travel insurance for their Group and for ensuring that all individuals in the Group meet all COVID-19 requirements. This includes the provision and completion of all necessary documentation and testing for travel which may be in place at the time of travel to and from Milan, Italy.
  • Delegates are personally responsible for all mandatory testing requirements that they may need in order to travel to and from Italy and stay for the duration of ECE 2022 (Saturday 21 May to Tuesday 24 May 2022). We recommend obtaining travel insurance for your trip and reviewing all accommodation and travel Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) before booking in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

ESE will not cover or be responsible or liable for any costs that may be incurred by any attendees to ECE 2022 for testing, quarantine or insurance costs.

COVID-19 Restrictions and cancellation by ESE

In the event that COVID-19 restrictions have to be implemented at the Congress venue, there will be a limit to the number of people permitted in the venue at any one time. If this happens, we will review our booking list and we will exchange in-person tickets for an ECE@Home ticket, giving you access to live-streamed sessions and ESE On Demand. Please check your travel and accommodation terms and conditions, along with your travel insurance policy, in the unlikely event that ESE has to cancel ECE 2022 or your participation in Milan due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Please note: ESE will not cover or be responsible for any losses or costs associated with accommodation or travel to ECE 2022. Accommodation and travel costs are the sole responsibility of delegates, the ESE is unable to refund pre-booked accommodation and travel costs and this will be at the discretion of individual hotels and providers.

We will inform you of any changes to your booking by no later than Monday 18 April 2022.