Focus Area Highlights

For ECE 2023 we worked closely with our Focus Area Leads to ensure that there was a wealth of content for every area of endocrinology. We caught up with representatives from a few of ESE's eight key Focus Areas to find out about their personal programme highlights. 

Symposium 10 - The impact of paediatric obesity and its complications in adulthood

"Obesity is a chronic disease with a strong endocrine component. Nowadays the prevalence of childhood obesity is rapidly increasing. This session will highlight important aspects of what this means for complications to be expected in children, as well as in transition to adulthood."

Liesbeth van Rossum - Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Basic Focus Area Lead

Symposium 14 - Advances in reproductive endocrinology

"A highlight of ECE this year is Symposium 14. Prominent leaders of the field will provide an update on central neuroendocrine mechanisms involved in sexual maturation, pubertal timing and functional reproductive disorders as well as potential clinical implications of hypothalamic neuropeptides. This is a symposium not to be missed!"

Bulent Yildiz - Reproductive & Developmental Endocrinology Clinical Focus Area Lead

Symposium 20 - The role of muscle in metabolic diseases 

"The muscle is a key tissue for metabolic health. In this session the exciting effects of myokines in health and disease will be discussed, as well as the consequences when sarcopenia develops and the important role of exosomes in metabolic disease."

Liesbeth van Rossum - Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Basic Focus Area Lead

Symposium 21 - Oxidative stress in thyroid disease? / presentation 2: basic science perspective on hypo- and hyperthyroidism 

"I am looking forward to this session. The molecular aspects of these common thyroid dysfunctions are still very much of mystery. The talk is going to highlight the molecular mechanisms behind the clinical symptoms and how we can target them to find new ways of helping the patients."

Agnieszka Piekiełko-Witkowska- Thyroid Focus Area Lead