We have an exciting programme lined up for ECE 2023, with talks from leading names in our field who will explore some of the most topical and controversial issues in endocrine research and practice.

Read the ECE 2023 preliminary programme to get a flavour of what you can expect at the Congress:

In Person

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You can follow the live streamed sessions at ECE 2023 from your home or office or you can catch up on the full scientific programme on demand.

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ECE 2023 Plenary talks

Novel form of hypophysitis: new kids on the block - Yutaka Takahashi (Japan)
Pituitary tumours: genes, microenvironment and future prospects - Marta Korbonits (UK)
PCOS - the many faces of a disease in women and men - Bulent Yildiz (Turkey)
Foetal and neonatal thyroid axis deficiency - Juliane Léger (France)
Diagnosis and management of paraganglioma - William F  Young (USA)
Care of childhood cancer survivors - Stephen Shalet (UK)

Award Lectures

Manuel Tena-Sempere, Geoffrey Harris Award
At the crossroads of reproduction and metabolism

Henriette Uhlenhaut, European Journal of Endocrinology Award
Genes on steroids: genomic control of metabolism and innate immunity by the glucocorticoid receptor

Maria Luisa Brandi, European Hormone Medal
Bone and Mineral Disorders from Bench to Clinic and Back

Richard Ross, Clinical Endocrinology Journal Foundation Award
Chronotherapy in congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Cecilia Follin, European Endocrine Nurse Award
Raising the profile of endocrine nurses

Cheorge Chrousos, Transatlantic Alliance Award
The endocrine basis of stress, its implications, and its management

Jens Sandahl, Christiansen Award
Basic: Altered splicing process in metabolic (dysregulation)-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) progression


Scientific sessions

6 Plenary lectures
21 Symposia, plus EYES and Nurse sessions
12 Meet the Expert sessions
3 Meet the Expert – Basic Scientist
3 Debate sessions
3 New Scientific Approaches
14 Rapid and Oral Communications
6 Award Lectures
Joint sessions with partner endocrine societies


Daily Spotlight
The Patient’s Voice Hub sessions

Networking opportunities

Welcome reception
Informal Networking Evening

Pre-congress courses

Thyroid Ultrasound

Industry-sponsored sessions

Sponsored satellite symposia
ECE Hub sessions


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