ESE COVID-19 Research Grant

Applications for the COVID-19 Research Grant 2020/2021 are now closed.

The COVID-19 pandemic is associated with a highly variable presentation, ranging from patients who are asymptomatic or experience only mild symptoms to others with acute respiratory syndrome who require ventilatory support and carry a high risk of severe adverse outcomes and mortality. Age, male sex and presence of comorbidities including, diabetes and coronary heart disease have been consistently identified as factors associated with poor prognosis.

It remains uncertain whether specific mechanisms related to endocrine or metabolic pathways result in variable outcome of COVID-19 infections. Likewise, it is unknown whether any underlying interaction between viral infection and the endocrine system could be used for the identification of predictive biomarkers or the development of therapeutic avenues.

The European Society of Endocrinology recognises the challenges faced by the endocrine community during the COVID-19 pandemic. While large research programs – particularly in the development of diagnostic tests and vaccines – have been put forward, specific funding of endocrine or metabolic aspects of the disease are lacking.

The ESE COVID-19 Research Grant has been developed to provide financial support for individuals to address scientific questions in COVID-19 research that relate to endocrinology and metabolism.

 What is the Grant?

The Grant aims to provide financial support for a specific scientific project that engages in research in the context of COVID-19 infection and endocrinology or metabolism. Examples include the following topics, while other research questions might apply as well:

  • Characterisation of hormonal or metabolic markers that identify populations at risk for severe (or mild) COVID-19 disease
  • Investigation of hormonal related mechanisms of disease
  • Investigation of COVID-19 related short and long term consequences on endocrine function
  • Research on endocrine related therapies in the context of COVID-19 disease
  • Investigation of the burden of disease for patients with endocrine conditions

One grant of € 7,500 will be made available to individual researchers. In rare circumstances the grant may be split.

The Grant will be made available to use for consumables, supporting administration, meetings, data collection or processing, salary or third-party assistance.

Grant Eligibility

The Grant is open to application from (all criteria essential):

  • Lead applicant as an ESE member (valid membership for the year of application)
  • Employee(s) of universities/other public-sector research institutions
  • Proposed projects that are conducted primarily in Europe
  • Projects which are not in conflict with the European Society of Endocrinology’s major goals

Previous Grant Awardees

We are pleased to announce that Professor Giulia Brigante from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy received the grant for the project: Subacute thyroiditis in the SARS-Cov-2 era: a prospective multicenter study.