Small Meeting Grants

Small Meeting Grants are available to support the organisation of an endocrine related meeting, such as a symposium, workshop, conference or training course, which has been endorsed by the Society. Applications for the Small Meeting Grant and ESE Endorsement can be made at the same time. The maximum value of each grant is €2500.

Closing date 1 March and 1 September each year.


The application form must be completed in full and sent to the ESE Office by email, preferably as a single pdf file, by the deadline stated. Consideration should be given to the date of the meeting(s) as applications will only be reviewed by the Education Committee after the deadline.


  • The symposium, workshop, conference or training course must be endocrine-related.
  • Applications can also be submitted for non-ESE events.
  • ESE Endorsement will also be required.
  • For a repeated, or a series of events ESE will provide funding only once in a five-year period.


  • Incomplete or retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • If the application is approved, the meeting materials, including website, flyers, programme books etc, should include a link to the Society website ( and the statement “This [symposium, workshop, conference or training course] has been endorsed by the European Society of Endocrinology who has also provided financial support through an ESE Small Meeting Grant”.
  • After the meeting, the applicant should provide the Society with a short report including: the scientific content of the meeting and key scientific or clinical highlights; delegate demographics and numbers (geographical location, area of interest, professional role etc). The report must be submitted to the Society no later than one month after the event. Please note that, space allowing, reports may be published in the ESE Newsletter, ESE News, and therefore needs to be presented in an easy to read style. Reports may be edited if space is an issue.
  • ESE will publicise the symposium, workshop, conference or training course on the Society’s website and include in the monthly email alert sent to members. The organiser must also advertise the symposium, workshop, conference or training course to its own contacts.
  • ESE may send literature that should be displayed and distributed at the event.


Applications will be reviewed by the Education Committee after the deadline.  There is a limited amount of funding available for the Small Meeting Grants and the Treasurer’s decision is final. Payment will be made to an organisation/institutional account only upon acceptance of the Small Meeting Grant application.

NB: Please note that if the symposium, workshop, conference or training course does not take place for any reason following payment of the Small Meeting Grant, ESE reserves the right to request repayment in full.