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Upcoming events

Innovative Health Initiative call 4 info days 

On 18-19 January 2023, IHI is organising an online event focused on IHI call 4. IHI will hold webinars focused on the individual topics. The topic-focused events will be divided into 2 main activities: 

  1. Info Sessions - focused on call topics
  2. Matchmaking time - Special allocated timeslots for you to identify and meet potential consortium partners.

IHI call 4 (two stage call) 

For more information, please visit 

Upcoming information days and brokerage events

Horizon Europe Cancer Mission Info day and Partnering Event - 17-18 January 2023

The European Commission is planning info days and brokerage events on the Horizon Europe Missions, including an info day on the Cancer Mission on 17 January and an online brokerage event on 18 January. Please hold these dates if you are interested in the Cancer Mission.

Horizon Europe Health Info Day - 19 January 2023

The European Commission will be holding a Cluster 1 "Health" work programme info day on 19 January. Each of the 2023 call topics will be presented and there will be a chance to ask the European Commission any questions you have about each topic. You can register here and there is also a European Commission news article about the event.

Horizon Europe Health Partnering Event - 20 January 2023

On 20 January there will be an online brokerage event for the Horizon Europe Health 2023 calls, with the chance to present a short pitch, and to arrange 1:1 meetings with other online participants. Registration for the brokerage event is open until 16 January, but the sooner you register, the sooner people can start reading your profile and booking 1:1 meetings.

European Health Research and Innovation – Recent events

Here you can find updates on recent events concerning new initiatives and policy drivers in EU Health research and innovation. The European Health research landscape is very dynamic and complex, and it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments in this space. We hope that these updates will help ESE members to look for new collaborators and ideas, and will highlight some new trends and policy considerations behind European Health research and innovation.

EU Health Summit: Towards EU Health Union

EU Health Summit

The event which took place on 15 November 2022, was organised by EU Health Coalition. The EU Health Coalition is a multi-stakeholder initiative looking at mapping the future of healthcare in Europe in order to make the most of innovation, and the role of the European Union in addressing the challenges we face and how different sectors converge to deliver the best outcomes for patients in Europe.

The Coalition has produced several recommendations for a shared vision of health in Europe

Based on these recommendations, the Summit discussed how lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic could help to go beyond the status quo in health to build a successful EU Health Union centred on people, innovation, and value-based care across the borders. The way forward should include:

  • Accelerating digital transformation of healthcare systems
  • Boosting health research and innovation
  • Improving access to health innovations and reducing inequalities
  • Advancing health systems integration

Setting priorities for environment, climate and health research agenda in the EU: Scientific symposium - State of the Environmental Health in Europe: Scientific Solutions to Global Crises on 9 November 2022

State of the Environmental Health in Europe

The scientific symposium was organised on behalf of the HERA consortium and the European Digital University Alliance (EDUC).

The overall aim of the HERA (Health and Environment Research Agenda) project is to set the priorities for an environment, climate and health research agenda in the EU. The final version of the HERA EU Research Agenda is available at

The discussion topics were based on the HERA EU Research Agenda. This agenda included six research themes that would lead to positive changes and actions to ensure the health of the environment and the population. These transdisciplinary approaches integrate several recently developed holistic approaches (Human Exposome, WHO One Health, EcoHealth , Planetary Health) and link global challenges (biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution and waste), community (urbanisation) and individual perspectives/scales.

The event recording is available at

Health going digital: 4th Digital Health Society Summit 

European Health Data Space

The 4th Annual Summit which took place on 4-5 October was focused on Data & Digital services to support the recovery of health systems across the globe.

It was organised by The European Connected Health Alliance Group (ECHAlliance Group), the Global Health Connector for Digital Health.

The summit discussed problems and solutions regarding access, use and re-use of health data. Another hot topic concerned development of digital skills of the healthcare workforce and of the European Health Data Space.

Another session looked at how digital health solutions would contribute to the European Green Deal and what more can be done to stimulate green growth through digitalisation in healthcare.

The Summit also discussed using data to tackle health inequalities and gender bias, and explored problems of governance of Health AI.