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How ESE Can Help

ESE and its society partners represent a community of more than 22 500 endocrine – hormone professionals, many of which are engaged in basic or clinical research. Many of these research areas are aligned with some of the major European health policy initiatives and EU Research initiatives. For more information, see ‘The ESE Profile’.

ESE recognises the challenges faced by scientists in obtaining research funding from major European research funding schemes and has developed the ESE-SEEDER-EU programme to help our members by supporting them during the application and writing process.

The ESE-SEEDER-EU programme provides consultancy support for individuals or consortia during the grant selection and writing process. The programme is provided under the form of consulting time from an expert in European Research Programmes. To find out more information and to apply for this grant follow the link here.


For research groups aiming to submit research proposals towards European Research Funding schemes, partnering with ESE can be an attractive option to extend your research affiliation, connect with stakeholders that ESE is engaged with, connect with endocrinology experts and augment the impact of your research proposal benefiting from the communication and dissemination capabilities and opportunities that the society can offer. For more information, see ‘ESE as Your Research Partner’