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Supporting European Endocrine Research

We know how challenging it can be for scientists to obtain research funding from major European research funding schemes. Our ESE-SEEDER-EU programme is designed to help ESE members during the application and writing process.

*ESE-SEEDER-EU programme applications will open soon*

How does it work?

The ESE-SEEDER-EU programme provides consultancy support for individuals or consortia during the grant selection and writing process. The programme is provided under the form of consulting time from an expert in European Research Programmes.

ESE members can apply for consulting support in the following areas:

  • Navigating EU funding landscape and advice on how to find calls aligned to the ESE member’s expertise and research priorities
  • Understanding European funding calls: call focus, expected outcome and impact, and policy drivers; what types of partners one needs to deliver the proposal (consortium composition etc.)
  • From the idea to the proposal; review of the concept and relevance to the call
  • Partners search: what consortium partners one needs and where to find them
  • Proposal Review: receiving feedback on an already drafted grant proposal

ESE has partnered with Dr Yulia Matskevich, an expert in European Collaborative Research and Innovation, who brings a wealth of experience in international collaboration both as a biomedical researcher and as a research manager.

Applying to ESE-SEEDER-EU

*ESE-SEEDER-EU programme applications will open soon*

  • You will need to fill in an application form
  • You can apply individually, as a group of researchers, or as a consortium partner
  • Applications must be written in English
  • Applications may be submitted via the online form throughout the calendar year
  • We will let you know the outcome of your application within 14 days of receipt.

Note: Your application should say why you are seeking consultancy support. You should choose one from the following categories:

  • You would like support to navigate EU funding landscape and advice on how to find calls aligned to the ESE member’s expertise and research priorities
  • You need help understanding European funding calls, including call focus, expected outcome and impact, and policy drivers; and what types of partners one needs to deliver the proposal (consortium composition, etc.)
  • You want advice on taking your funding application from idea to proposal, such as reviewing the concept and relevance to the call
  • You want advice and assistance to find appropriate consortium partners
  • You would like a consultant to review your draft proposal.

Applications without a clear purpose for required support will not be considered.

Please contact the ESE Office for an application form. 

The programme is open to application from anyone who meets all of the following criteria:

  • You are an ESE member
  • You are an employee (or employees) of universities/other public-sector research institutions
  • Your proposed project(s) will benefit endocrine research
  • Participants possess the requisite research capacity and capability for engaging in European-level research programmes
  • Your project(s) are aligned with the European Society of Endocrinology’s major goals

We accept applications that relate to all major EU research funding programmes (for example, Horizon Europa including Marie Sklodowska Curie International Training Networks, EU4Health research calls, Innovative Health Initiative, ERA-Net for Research Programmes on Rare Diseases (European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases). A full list of research programmes can be found here.

  • Additional consulting time will not be awarded if multiple partners apply to the ESE-SEEDER-EU programme for the same research application.
  • The programme covers consulting time only and does not include a financial transaction between the applicant and ESE.
  • Each approved application will receive the appropriate consulting time to address the question(s), commensurate with the scope of that question.
  • The ESE Science Committee will review and decide the outcome of each application on an ongoing basis.
  • The ESE Science Committee's decision is final.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The applicant has described the purpose and intention of his/her question in explicit and concrete terms (purpose and content)
  • In case the application relates to a specific research project, the applicant gives a convincing account of how the project concept relates to the funding call (topic) for which the funding application is being made
  • The applicant accounts for how the combination of the project concept and the outlined consortium matches the targeted call
  • Projects must address research relating to endocrinology or positively impacting the endocrine community

Please note, not all evaluation criteria will be applicable to all applications. The Science Committee will consider only those criteria that are relevant for each. 

Please note: We are unable to provide grants to individuals or institutions currently under sanction according to the consolidated list of financial sanctions targets in the UK, as listed here.

Applications are verified to ensure this is not the case before a grant is awarded. ESE does not permit sanctioned individuals or individuals from sanctioned institutions to attend any ESE events.

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