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ESE Hypoparathyroidism Patient Forum 2023

The second ESE Hypoparathyroidism Patient Forum was held on 28 October 2023.

Following on from the first webinar, which provided comprehensive information about the symptoms and treatment, this event focused on specific aspects of everyday life: adaptation of treatment and communication between the patient and the doctor. Each of the topics was presented by both clinical and patient experts, providing a wide perspective and a discussion platform for the two communities.

During the webinar, it was discussed how the everyday management of the condition is affected depending on the different activities undertaken by patients. It was also identified that challenges often arise for patients with hypopara in accessing a specialist who understands their condition, and therefore subsequently accessing the appropriate treatment. The key elements of good communication, as well as education for both doctors and patients were also discussed.

The recordings of the sessions are below.

Sessions and recordings

Welcome and introduction

Prof. Andrea Giustina, Italy
Natalie Grosset, France

Session 1: Adaptation of hypopara treatment in everyday life

Prof. Heide Siggelkow, Germany
Simone Jentsch, Germany

Prof. Jens Bollerslev, Norway
Perny-Ann Nilsen, Norway

Session 2: Talking to your doctor

Liz Glenister, United Kingdom
Prof. Bill Fraser, United Kingdom

Prof. Maria Luisa Brandi, Italy
Tanja Richter, Germany

Session close
Natalie Grosset, France
Prof. Andrea Giustina, Italy

Watch The Webinars

Watch the recordings of each session in English by clicking through the videos on the right.