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AGHD Audit

A European Society of Endocrinology audit and multi-country comparison of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) treatment in clinical practice in Europe, Australia and New Zealand; how closely are protocols and best practice recommendations followed?

This project was kindly supported by a IGLC research grant #: 34573113 from Pfizer Inc.

This pan-European Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) audit project was established to collate AGHD patient data from participating centres and to analyse, at the local, national and European level, the best treatment practices now and in the future.

The AGHD Audit, initiated in June 2018, across 50 countries was led by Dr Susan Webb, MD, PhD, Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona as the Principle Investigator. The project aims, through collaboration with suitable participant(s), to assist in the optimisation of diagnosis and treatment approaches towards AGHD patients in local settings.

The project will enable a better understanding of AGHD patient care at a country perspective, as well as contributing to a cross-country analysis. The data obtained will allow us to identify opportunities and solutions to improve the current status quo in AGHD treatment. 

ESE would like to thank all participants who submitted data, your contribution was appreciated.


Data from this project is detailed in an abstract, which was published in Endocrine Abstracts and presented at e-ECE 2020, the audio presentation of this poster can be listened to here.

In February 2021, the research article 'ESE audit on management of adult growth hormone deficiency in clinical practicewas published in the European Journal of Endocrinology. This research article details the methods and results of the ESE AGHD Audit discussed above.

In September 2021, ESE hosted a webinar to present the project and discuss the key findings. To view the recording please follow the link below:

ESE Talks.. AGHD


On behalf of the ESE Steering Group for the Pan European Audit of AGHD, we thank you for your interest in this project