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Centres of Special Interest

The ESE Centres of Special Interest database provides information on endocrine centres engaged with research, education and healthcare across Europe.

Inclusion on the database gives centres:

  • Increased visibility in the European endocrine community and local and/or international recognition
  • Increased clinical communication between neighbouring or regional Centres of Special Interest  
  • The opportunity to participate in training exchanges for early career and established endocrinologists, leading to better standardised clinical care for the patient with complex endocrine disorders
  • The opportunity to join clinical collaborative and knowledge-sharing efforts (e.g. epidemiological studies, registries and clinical studies) with ESE partners 
  • Access to ESE educational events for staff.


For information on signing up or amending your entry please email us.

Application Information

We invite any centre that meets the following criteria to complete an application to be represented on the database:

  1. The Remit of the Centre of Special Interest includes clinical care, research and education
  2. The contact person for the Centre of Special Interest is an ESE Member
  3. If the Centre's contact person and person responsible for personnel in the relevant department are not the same individual, the contact person must provide proof of approval from the head of the department or institution.

On receipt of an application, the chairs of the Centres of Special Interest advisory board and the appropriate National Society will review the information and provide a response within 30 days.

To apply or find out more about the Centres of Special Interest database, please contact ESE.

Participating centres must commit, at a minimum, to:

  • Regularly updating (at least once a year) all information relevant to the Centres of Special Interest database
  • Assigning one person from within the centre as a key contact with the supervisory board and ESE Office
  • Supporting ESE in fulfilling its strategic ambition around membership, educational initiatives and outreach to potential participants for its events.

If a centre has not update their information for 2-years following initial application, the ESE Office reserve the right to remove the centre from the Centres of Special Interest database and map.