Congress Committee

Chair: Riccarda Granata

Committee Remit

  • To provide a link between the vision and strategy of the Executive Committee and the ESE Office and PCO (Professional Congress Organiser).
  • To provide input to the PCO, ESE Office and Executive Committee for the initial critical evaluation of proposals from candidate cities and the selection of 2-3 final challengers for each annual congress.
  • To provide a link to the ESE Team in relation to practical items such as industry time slots, programme and educational concepts etc.
  • To support the Committee Chair through:
    • To advise the PCO, ESE Office and ESE Executive Committee on policy decisions regarding ECE Congresses.
    • To assist the PCO and ESE Office in providing guidance for the LOCs of future meetings.
    • To review the scientific programme, update and final reports of congresses so that the Chair can report on these to the Executive Committee.

Note: The Congress Committee Chair will have overall responsibility for the ECE POC and will supervise the scientific programme. The role of the Congress Committee Chair and the POC is detailed in the POC Guidelines document.

Committee Membership

  • Riccarda Granata, Italy, chair (2018-2022).
  • Raul Luque, Spain (2020 - 2024).
  • Peter Kamenicky, France (2016-2020).
  • Michal Krsek, Czech Republic (2016-2020).
  • Catalina Poiana, Romania (2016-2020).
  • Miklos Toth, Hungary (2016-2020).
  • Djuro Macut, Serbia (2016-2020).

Co-opted Members

  • POC 2020 Co-Chairs (2018-2020): Jens Otto Lunde Jorgensen, Denmark and Attila Balázs Patócs, Hungary.
  • POC 2021 Co-Chairs (2019-2021): Lars Rejnmark, Denmark and Daniela Cota, France.
  • POC 2022 Co-Chairs (2020-2022): Beata Kos-Kudła, Poland and Carlos Dieguez, Spain.
  • LOC 2020 Chair (2018-2020): Michal Krsek.
  • LOC 2021 Chair (2019-2021): Michal Krsek.
  • LOC 2022 Chair (2020-2022): To be confirmed.

Ex-officio Members

  • Andrea Giustina, Italy, co-terminous with office (President, 2019-2021).
  • Martin Reincke , Germany, co-terminous with office (President-Elect, 2019-2021).
  • Helen Gregson, Chief Executive Officer, co-terminous with office.
  • Dirk De Rijdt, Director of Strategic Partnerships, co-terminous with office.
  • Kate Sargent, PCO – Bioscientifica, co-terminous with office.

ESE Team member responsibility: Chief Executive Officer.

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