Research Scientists

ESE supports basic endocrine science and scientists throughout Europe. We provide courses, grants and resources to support research scientists, from PhD students to recognised experts in the field. We engage in advocacy activities and fund research, in order to advance the field of basic endocrinology globally.


We provide specific Basic Science Courses, as well as endorsing others, to support basic scientists throughout their careers. Our Themed Courses give specialists an opportunity to focus on state-of-the-art research in a particular area, and our annual summer school, and Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation offer unique opportunities to stay up-to-date with basic research.

The full range of all the courses that ESE offers can be found here.

Grants & Prizes

We provide a broad range of prizes, awards and grants which will be of interest to research scientists at all stages of their career. For example, we support up to 100 basic scientists a year through Basic Science Meeting Grants and young scientists through the Journal of Endocrinology Travel Grants. ESE Short-Term Fellowships fund international exchanges of up to three months in order to promote research collaboration. Full details of all prizes and grants available can be found here


To stay up to date with the latest in basic research, you can now watch videos of presentations, review abstracts and posters and view interviews from the European Congress of Endocrinology here.


The European Society of Endocrinology acts as the voice of its members and those of its National Affiliated Societies, on the issues that have greatest effect on them. The ESE Science Committee advises on advocacy work, and we welcome input from research scientists directly, as we increase our advocacy activities: encouraging government organisations to better support your needs.


The ESE promotes various European endocrine research programmes, such as the EURO Rare Diabetes Project and the European Male Ageing Study. The ESE Science Committee supports scientific research in Europe, including funding, with a special focus on supporting young endocrinologists and those from less-advantaged countries.

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