ESE EDC Working Group

Chair: Josef Köhrle (Germany)

Manuel Tena-Sempere (Spain)

Anna-Maria Andersson (Denmark)

Luca Chiovato (Italy)

Barbara Demeneix (France)

Majoree B.M. van Duursen (Netherlands)

Evi Diamanti-Kandarakis (Greece)

Jorma Toppari (Finland)

Salvatore Benvenga (Italy)

Aleksandra Buha-Dordevic (Serbia)

Pauliina Damdimopoulou (Sweden)

The working group will advise and use its expertise to promote increased support and lobbying for more excellent science, funding, and organisation on the EDC topic in Europe. The working group will aim to intensify links to groups and networks already dealing with EDCs in related scientific disciplines such as (embryo-)toxicology, nutrition, and epidemiology. Where beneficial, the working group will also prepare EDC-related information for ESE, its members and the wider community.

It will be one of the main goals of this Working Group to speak as the voice of European endocrinologists on issues related to EDC in order to be noticed and heard in the regulatory, executive, administrative, political, and public context.