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Advocacy Activities

We represent more than 20,000 endocrinologists through direct membership and affiliated societies. We amplify these voices by combining influence with other societies as a member of collaborative advocacy groups. Through our association with the Biomedical Alliance in Europe, Initiative for Science in Europe and the European Medicines Agency, we hope to drive real change in policy and improve opportunities for endocrine research in Europe. 

As we increase our advocacy activity we plan to narrow our focus towards the issues that matter most our members. Sign up for our EARS newsletter for regular updates on our outreach activities and opportunities to get involved.

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Our mission statement, ‘Shaping the Future of Endocrinology’, is a commitment to actively engage with different stakeholders so that the importance of 'endocrine health' is recognised in the development of national and European healthcare policies and research programmes.

ESE's outreach activities focus on three areas that are of strategic importance to the European and global healthcare agenda:

  1. Promoting the importance of endocrine research and its crucial role in improving the health and well-being of European public health. The development of EndoCompass sits at the centre of our research related activities and guides our community in addressing the key bottlenecks within endocrine research. 
  2. Supporting the Cancer Mission, providing input to the ‘Beating Cancer Plan’ and encouraging endocrinology research.
  3. Engaging in EU debates around climate change and the environment with a focus on endocrine disruptors.

ESE also engages with specific policy topics and key policy debates that are of a general nature but can impact on endocrinology, endocrine health and care such as the European Health Data Space.

ESE has established the European Hormone And Metabolism Foundation - Foundation Of The European Society Of Endocrinology with the following prime objectives:

  • Raising funding and distribution of funds with a particular focus on improving research and clinical outcomes for patients across all endocrine disciplines
  • Developing the interaction with European Union institutions supporting the policy and advocacy needs of the endocrine community
  • Raising the profile of endocrinology on a European and international basis with a focus on public engagement

To reinforce ESE’s activities in the European policy environment, ESE has established a presence in Brussels and has engaged various public affairs agencies to support its efforts.

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