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ESE & Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

One of the major priorities of the European Commission in its 2019-2024 mandate is the launch and implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. The Commission plans to adopt an action plan on cancer before the end of 2020, which proposes actions for all stages of the disease. The Plan is closely linked to the Mission Area on Cancer under EU’s research platform Horizon Europe. 

ESE's Policy and Advocacy Working Group has been following the European Commission's 'Beating Cancer Roadmap' with interest and presented its  position in March 2019. 

ESE participated in the first consultation on the Beating Cancer plan in early 2020, and our position paper has  been shared with policy makers active in shaping the plan. We have asked EU policy makers to: 

  • Make prevention measures a focus area 
  • Broaden the role of European Reference Networks (ERNs) 
  • Address comorbidities in National Action Plans 
  • Strive for a pan-European and comprehensive approach to cancer