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The exciting programme for ECE 2024 will feature talks from leading names in our field who are exploring some of the most topical and controversial issues in endocrine research and practice.

See the ECE 2024 preliminary programme to get a flavour of what's happening at the Congress.

ECE 2024 Preliminary Programme



You can follow the live streamed sessions at ECE 2024 from your home or office or you can catch up on the full scientific programme on demand.

See the ECE@Home page for more details.

Hypoxia - Nobel Prize Laureate, Sir Peter Ratcliffe (UK) 

The clinical importance of high resolution, automated, ambulatory measurement of tissue steroids - Stafford Lightman (UK)

The silent decline: unlocking the enigma of dropping sperm counts and fertility rates - Shana Swan (USA) 

From molecular biology to precision medicine in endocrine tumors: Are we there yet? - Constantine Stratakis (Greece) 

Artificial Intelligence in Endocrinology - Michael Biehl (The Netherlands)

Focus on the pancreas - Patrik Rorsman (UK) 

The ESE Awards programme recognises the success of our members and helps drive innovation and progression across all fields of endocrinology. For more information please see our Awards pages.

2024 Award Lectures

Jens Brüning, Geoffrey Harris Award 
Hypothalamic control of energy and glucose homeostasis 

Li Chan, European Journal of Endocrinology Award 
From the Adrenal to Metabolism - Lessons learnt from investigating MRAP

Gudmundur Johannsson, European Hormone Medal 
Mortality and morbidity in rare pituitary and adrenal endocrine disorders 

Kathrin Zopf, European Endocrine Nurse Award 
Transformation of German Endocrinology Assistants 

Felix Beuschlein, Transatlantic Alliance Award 
Primary aldosteronism – solutions, insights and challenges 

Panagiotis Anagnostis, Clinical Endocrinology Journal Foundation Award 
Εarly menopause: is it a different entity than premature ovarian insufficiency? 

Clemence Blouet, Jens Sandahl Christiansen Award (Basic Science) 
Median eminence oligodendrocyte plasticity regulates neuroendocrine output, energy and glucose homeostasis 

Giuseppe Bellastella, Jens Sandahl Christiansen Award (Clinical) 
The use of sodium glucose cotransporter type 2 inhibitors (SGLT-2i) in a particular conditions such as reactive hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia following gastrectomy 

6 Plenary lectures
17 Symposia
11 Meet the Expert sessions
3 Meet the Expert – Basic Science sessions
3 Debate sessions
3 New Scientific Approaches
14 Rapid and Oral Communications
6 Award Lectures
5 Joint sessions with partner endocrine societies

EYES and Nurse sessions
Industry satellite symposia, Mini-Satellites and ECE Hub sessions
Guidelines sessions
Daily Spotlights
The Patient’s Voice Hub sessions

Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AE-PCOS) Update Meeting
Thyroid Ultrasound Pre-Congress Course
Nurses Pre-Congress Course
European Academy of Andrology (EAA) Pre-Congress Course
Growth Hormone Research Society (GRS) Congress