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Advocating for Better Hormone Health: Policy Toolkit
Using European Hormone Day to drive policy change

With European Parliament elections just around the corner, now is the time to reach out to our political representatives and seek support for better hormone health policies. 

Let’s make sure the voice of the endocrine community continues to be heard.

To support your policy and advocacy efforts, ESE has created a policy toolkit with useful resources, including a guide with specific actions you can take at national level, key messages you can share with policymakers and others, and a template letter you can adapt and send to your political representatives.

Please keep ESE informed of your activities and let us know should your national politicians support the cause. You can send updates and information about your activities to the ESE Team.

You can also find a wide selection of social media and printed materials ready to download and share in our European Hormone Day Public Outreach Toolkit.

European Hormone Day Policy Toolkit

Template letter to send to your local, national and European political representatives, seeking their support for European Hormone Day and policies that promote hormone health and research.

You can adapt this to suit your specific communications – there are sections highlighted in yellow with suggestions you can edit. Don't forget to delete these highlighted sections when sending!

Key messages on the importance of hormone health for both individuals and society for you to share with policymakers and in other communications. Please adapt as needed.

Update on the present status of chemical legislation relating to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), including REACH, and the critical decisions needed to address these important issues.

The European Hormone Day Toolkit, with visual materials that can be shared by policymakers on social media on or around European Hormone Day.

The Milano Declaration sets out what we expect from politicians to secure better health for all citizens in Europe.

The annex to the Milano Declaration provides 10 Recommendations for Good Hormone Health, including in an infographic format.

You will also find social media materials based on the 10 Recommendations in the European Hormone Day Public Outreach Toolkit, also available in multiple languages.

For those who may be less familiar with the world of social media, we have a quick guide to help! This sets out some simple ways to get started with social media and support European Hormone Day.

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