ESE's Advocacy Activities

The European Society of Endocrinology represents more than 20 000 endocrinologists through direct membership and affiliated societies. We amplify these voices by combining influence with other societies as a member of collaborative advocacy groups. Through our association with Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe, Initiative for Science in Europe and the European Medicines Agency, we hope to drive real change in policy and improve opportunities available to endocrine researchers throughout Europe.

As we increase our advocacy activity we plan to narrow our focus towards the issues that have greatest effect on our members. We will regularly update you about our activities and ensure that interested parties have the chance to provide their input.

ESE: The Voice for Endocrinology  

ESE’s Mission Statement -‘Shaping the Future of Endocrinology’ - requires that we actively engage with different stakeholders in creating a European and broader international environment that recognises the important place of ‘endocrine’ health in the development of future health care policies and support to research programmes. 

The Policy and Advocacy activities of ESE focus on three areas that are of strategic importance to the European and global health care agenda:

  • Achieving greater health care effectiveness and resilience through health promotion and disease prevention, with specific focus on the post COVID-19 recovery and impact on and from endocrine and metabolic diseases. This applies to both prevalent and rare diseases.
  • Supporting the Cancer Mission, provide input to the ‘Beating Cancer Plan’ and stimulate research with a focus on the endocrine origins and consequences
  • Engage in EU debates around climate change and environment with a focus on endocrine disruptors

ESE also engages with specific Policy topics and key Policy debates that are of a general nature but can impact on endocrinology, endocrine health and care.